Sunday, June 28, 2015

Liberal Stupidity, Crazy Teachers, School Concerns 101 & Retention Holsters

Just so I'm clear on the Liberals logic of Background Checks for private transactions.  A bad guy with an illegal gun is standing in the shadows in a dark alley on the Southside of Chicago at 2:00 am on a Tuesday night..  Another bad guy, who doesn't have an illegal gun but wants one for his nefarious activities, wants to give the bad guy with an illegal gun $80 dollars so that he may then have an illegal gun at his disposal to do violence against others.  So Liberals think a law that makes it mandatory to do a background check for private transactions will stop the bad guy with an illegal gun from selling the illegal gun to the other bad guy who doesn't have an illegal gun???   I... I... I got nothin'....

So here in Illinois, Liberal Logic goes like this... As a citizen with a Concealed Carry License, I get up in the morning, get dressed, strap on my loaded sidearm... and I'm legal.  Later, while carrying concealed, I take my Rifle, put it in the trunk of my car and drive to my friends property for a deer hunt... and I'm legal.  We drive to the selected spot on his property, exit the car, take our loaded rifles and proceed to walk across a field to a stand of trees to begin our hunt - I am carrying a loaded rifle and my loaded concealed carrying handgun... and right there, even though I'm on private property, with permission of the owner,  carrying a concealed legal handgun while already carrying a legal rifle for deer hunting is illegal and I am subject to arrest...  no... I don't have a logical explanation either.  You'll have to ask a Liberal.

When discussing Teachers carrying concealed in schools for the protection of Children, how many times do I have to hear a Hoplophobic person ask... "What if the Teacher is having a bad day and they go crazy, pull out their gun and start shooting the Children?"  All I can think to ask in return is - "What kind of a parent would send their Child to a school where they think the Teachers are unstable and may commit murder on their Children!?"

Other rants about Teachers and Concealed Carry that I've heard from Hoplophobes -
1)  "What if a Student steals the gun!?"   It's being carried concealed and concealed means concealed.  Why and how would the Student know the Teacher was carrying?

2)  "What if the Teacher leaves it in his desk, forgets to lock the desk and a Student takes it?"  Again, it's being carried concealed!  What part of that statement don't you understand?

3)  "What if a Teacher has a physical confrontation with a Student and the Student grabs the gun from the holster?"  In this day and age of Student violence against Teachers, this is actually a legitimate question and an honest concern for those who don't understand the carry lifestyle or the equipment available for this type of situation.  Here's my answer in two words - Retention Holster.

This is from SafariLand Holsters -
For example, in the case of Safariland’s SLS (Self Locking System), the user must overcome the pressure of two springs to push the hood down in order to unlock the mechanism. Then, while holding the unit in the down unlocked position, the user must rotate the hood completely forward to allow the weapon an opening to exit from the holster. If the user simply pushes the hood down to the unlocked position and then releases it, allowing the hood to re-lock, the holster is as secure as it was initially. However, since there are two separate and distinct motions (much like releasing a snap and then rotating the weapon forward slightly with the older 295 holster before drawing), the SLS provides two levels of security by itself. By adding a Sentry device to the SLS, which requires a separate and distinct motion by the user, a third level of security is achieved.

Concerns avoided - The gun cannot fall out of the holster.  The gun cannot be snatched from the holster.  The gun is secure until the person carrying the gun needs it to protect your Children from a madman intent on doing as much damage to your Children as he can before someone with a gun shows up and either shoots him or watches him as he commits suicide - the two most common endings to active shooter situations when someone with a gun arrives on scene.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly


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