Saturday, April 16, 2016

Impeachment For Traitorous Politicians - Call Your Reps Now!


The great beauty of the Bill of Rights is this... it doesn't care what the "public" believes, wants or needs. The Bill of Rights doesn't care about polls, politics or rhetoric. The Bill of Rights is in place exactly for this reason, where Government tyranny attempts to take away the Rights of those they disagree with.

You can't get more Un-American than this. This kind of stuff borders on Treason and should be treated as such, especially when it comes from our elected Representatives.

In an article published yesterday (4/15/2016) on, Senator Ed Markey (D-MASS) is heading a group of Democratic House and Senate members in pushing more gun control legislation under the guise of "gun-violence" prevention.

“We will win,” Markey said. “We will ultimately change the laws of our country to protect ordinary citizens who are part of this wave of violence.”

This includes giving the CDC $60 million dollars over six years to fund research on "gun violence" - not "violence" mind you, but "gun violence." 

Giving money to a Government entity to help find fault with the very tool you are trying to ban, is a troubling turn that has been faced before.

The CDC has been restricted from conducting studies into guns after it released a notoriously biased report in 1997.  

These Senators and Representatives are despicable people who are attempting to tear down the Constitution and the Bill of Rights - all under the well-worn guise of "public safety." These elitist, pompous, self-righteous and omnipotent narcissists took an oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and should be impeached for treasonous actions.

This election cycle will produce a President who will likely appoint 3-4 Supreme Court justices during their term. If you vote for  Socialists (Dems), you will be helping those Traitors accomplish their goals of changing our Country forever with like-minded activist Justices - insuring positive outcomes for dangerous and Rights suppressing legislation.

It is time for these radical progressives to feel the heat for their Anti Constitutional, Anti American views.  Write your representative and broach the subject of impeachment for those attempting to overthrow the Constitution.  Let them know you are done with unpatriotic, subversive and treacherous behavior from our elected officials.

Impeachment for traitorous Politicians!