Friday, July 24, 2015

Hydra Shoks, Hillary and Dogs getting shot...


My Son called and told me he was pulled over by local Police this evening.  When the officer walked up to the car, he explained to my Son that he made the stop because my Son had been tight on the yellow light.  He said he wasn't going to write him a ticket, but just wanted to tell him to take it easy.

My Son handed him his DL only (here in Illinois there is no Duty To Inform).  The officer went back to his car and a minute later returned.  He asked my Son if he had a CCL and was he carrying?  My Son answered in the affirmative and that it was in the SOB position.  The officer said "that's fine."

My Son was driving his Wife's car so he didn't come up on the system at the time of the stop and only when the LEO ran his license (my Son asked).  My Son also asked the LEO how he should handle it in the future and the officer replied that it would be nice if he just handed the officer the DL and CCL together.  He told my Son to never use the word GUN - for the usual reasons.

My Son said the the officer was polite, calm and a nice guy and that from now on, he will probably give the officer both.

The funny thing was, we just had this conversation the night before.  What would either of us do.  I told him that when I first received my license, I figured I would hand over both, but lately my mind had been going the opposite way.  I find myself a little angry that an officer should feel uncomfortable that I have a legal sidearm, even though it doesn't bother me that the LEO has one when he comes up to my car.

Now I don't know.

All in all it worked out well for my Kid and the Officer was a good guy.  Can't be unhappy with that. 


And so it begins... In the second line of the linked song (below) she hitches her wagon to the Idiot King.
If this Woman thinks she's going to get the Country vote, or that riding on Oidiots coattails is a good thing, she is truly dumber than a sack of hair... You can't fix stupid, can you?  No... I didn't think so.

Stand With Hillary


Even at my age, it never ceases to amaze me that whenever I learn something, I realize how much I don't know.

I was very suspect of the whole Zimmerman / Martin case, finding it hard to land squarely on Zimmerman's side.  With all his post trial stuff, I also thought "this guys is a mess!"

Then I read Massad Ayoob's new book "Deadly Force: Understanding Your Right to Self Defense" and he devotes roughly 30 pages to that trial.  After reading his thoughts, reasoning and the legal implications of all the evidence, I can't help but agree with Mas that Zimmerman was clearly innocent.

And now?  Now I'm reading the fascinating book "On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" by Lt. Col. David Grossman and I am beginning to understand just how emotionally crippling it is...

1)  To know and anticipate you may have to take someones life


2)  Follow through on that decision.

So I empathize with Zimmerman and his plight.

Is he a good guy?  I have no idea, though I'm learning that the aftermath of taking a life, whether at war or in self defense is a powerful, life changing event, even when you are completely in the right.  But one thing I know for sure... I'm going to keep reading, keep educating myself and above all, I'm going to remember how much I don't know.


I ordered a DeSantis Pocket Tuk for my Taurus TCP from Midway USA.  It could fit in a slightly larger than standard envelope - $15.49 + $4.46 shipping and $3.00 special handling fee.  Also bought a Plunger Spring, Barrel Link and Link Pin for my 1911 that totaled $12.47 and could have been sent in any standard envelope.  Shipping was $4.19 +  that Extra Special Kid Gloves Handling Fee of $3.00.

It's a shame.  Midway USA almost always has what I need, but due to the exorbitant shipping and special handling fees, I use Midway only when I have to.


At the beginning, because I was new to all this, I spent a lot of time, reading books, magazines, researching the internet and listening to folks who've been doing this a whole lot longer than I.  From everything I perused, it all kept coming back to Hyrda Shoks.  Well tested, used by LEO everywhere and trusted by just about everyone I've ever read.  So... when it ran like a dream in my pistols - Hydra Shoks it was, and I never looked back.


Why are cops shooting so many dogs?  Why does that seem to be their first response?  Or is it, like many things in this day and age, because of the internet and our total and unfettered access to information?

No matter what... seems like a lot of dogs get shot.


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