Thursday, June 25, 2015

Public Places - Jury Nullification & Bat Masteron's Cane

Recently the Wife and I went to the polling place at the local Mall - not the Mall proper, but the strip Mall to the north of the property.  And lo' and behold there was the "posted" sign. I can't help it, but I
always get so worked up when I have to disarm to go into a place that is paid for with taxpayers dollars.

How does that work?!  How do they, after being told by SCOTUS that carrying in public is covered in the Second Amendmen,  give us back our Second Amendment rights, but then turn around and say "Well although, as a citizen of this State and this Country, you have the right to carry, you can't carry in places that you pay for as a citizen of this State and Country.

If we are a lawful in our ability to conceal carry - in public - how can we not be lawful to carry in the places that we directly pay for?!  If it's run on taxpayer money, it doesn't get more public that that!  It's discrimination against a law abiding and legal group of people.


Do you believe in Jury Nullification?

Would Jury Nullification be in conflict with the oath you swore to in court, to uphold the laws presented?  No.  No it would not.

If you swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US and the State, by ignoring unconstitutional laws, you are upholding your oath.  You do have personal honor, the most important kind, the kind of Honor that is the hardest to stand by.  There is nothing worse than hearing an officer or a soldier saying "I was just following orders."

In that, there is no Honor.


I love all the old western TV shows.  Which reminds me of a Bat Masterson episode  (yeah, I'm old) where a young man picked up Bat's cane and Bat snatched it back out of his hands, telling him in the most serious voice -" I studied Cane fighting for years! You have no idea how dangerous a cane can be!"

Really.  I'm not lying.  He said that.


As a Libertarian, why would I vote for the very people who implemented this for their own security?

Full article HERE

"Consider the following fact from this year’s General Election here in Illinois as evidence of just how unfair the system has become. In order for an election candidate to run for office and have his or her name printed on the November ballot here, they need to collect and turn in a certain number of valid ballot access petition signatures. How many signatures?

Number of Signatures needed for any Congressional candidate to appear on the 2014 IL election ballot (from the Illinois Board of Elections):
  • Republican Party candidates – 500
  • Democratic Party candidates – 800
  • Libertarians, Greens, other Opposition Party candidates – 15,000
  • Independent candidates – 20,000
*Each quantity is slightly different for each of Illinois’ 18 Congressional Districts. They above are averages of all 18."

There should be a law that states that Legislators may not pass any law that only benefits those in office.


Normally, I can go days, even weeks without disarming.  So I guess I was just jazzed because yesterday I had to disarm twice in two hours.


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