Monday, November 2, 2015

Gun Control Buzzwords

Gun Control vs Gun Safety

Have you noticed the smiling, smarmy, manipulating Obama has switched tactics, pontificating emotionally about Gun Safety where in the past he was hammering on Gun Control?  The anti-gun people realized the catchphrase Gun Control had taken on a negative connotation among Americans as poll after poll has shown Americans in fact, do not want more gun control.  To combat the association, the gun control people have decided to switch to the words Gun Safety so as to give Americans a warm fuzzy feeling, while at the same time attempting to ridicule Pro-Second Amendment supporters by declaring to the media that gun owners are against Gun Safety. Of course, we are not against gun safety, but we are against Gun Control disguised as Gun Safety.  

Common Sense Gun Legislation

Speaking the words "common sense" isn't proof you have "common sense."  Is it "common sense" to leave our children unprotected at schools across this Nation?  Is it "common sense" to believe a sign posted on the door of any establishment will keep the bad guys away? Is it "commons sense" to to ask a law abiding citizen in Kansas to give up his Rights because of a sociopath in Connecticut?  Is it "common sense" to spend millions upon millions of Americans taxpayer dollars in an attempt to outlaw a sporting rifle like the AR-15. which is involved in less than .033% of homicides?  Is it "common sense" to blame the gun for violence instead of the people behind the trigger?  Is it "common sense" to ignore the history of psychotropic drug use in active shooter / rampage shooters who commit heinous atrocities?

"Common Sense"... it's not for everyone!

Gun Violence

Hillary Clinton, during the first Democratic debate, stated "... We must act to prevent gun violence that's plaguing our society. ... America simply cannot accept as “normal” 30,000 gun deaths every year."  

There is so much wrong with that statement it's hard to know where to begin.  There is no such thing as "Gun Violence" - there is only violence.  A person commits an act of violence, which tool he uses to facilitate that act of violence is (or should be) of no real concern.  The tool does not demand action from the individual.  The tool can only answer to the demands of the individual.

The term "Gun Violence" is used to affect an emotional response, as are most of the Buzzwords the pro gun-control people use.  In the context of 30,000 gun deaths a year - 8,500 homicides + 22,000 suicides by gun- the Left attempts to use the 22,000 suicides by gun to move the argument forward by the sheer volume of deaths.  Calling 22,000 suicides an act of gun violence vs an act of desperation is not only ludicrous and sad but takes mental health out of the equation, as if the souls of the remaining 22,000 deaths by suicide - a total of 44,000 - don't count because they weren't committed by gun.  It strives to invalidate the problems of the mentally disturbed by attacking the tool in an attempt to convince the public the real problem is the gun, the tool the lost soul used to end their pain and suffering. 

Violence by gun is perpetrated by someone who is ready to harm another, not themselves.  And when two people have pulled their sidearms, only one is committing an act of violence, the other is defending himself against that act of violence.

Mass Shootings

Sandy Hook, Charleston, Aurora, Washington Navy Yard...  the names are ingrained within us. They are what we once called Active Shooter or Rampage Shooter situations - but that has changed.  Now, whenever we have a mentally unstable person entering a place with the sole purpose of killing as many as they can in the shortest amount of time, the Left and the supporting media talks about the 100's of mass shootings that have taken place over the last couple of years.

The problem, once again, is they have twisted fact into fiction and traded words for emotion in an attempt to blur the line between a Rampage shooting and say... a gang shooting in Chicago, to sway the American public towards their manifesto.

They have taken any shooting / homicide that includes more than 3 or people and added those statistics to the Active Shooter / Rampage Shooter situations.

When you hear of another Mass Shooting at a school - committed by mentally disturbed person - you envision children screaming for Mommy, eyes wide and afraid, and when you are told this is the 123rd Mass Shooting in the last six months, your heart pounds, your anger rises, your frustration seethes - and this is what they want... this is what they are counting on.  They don't want you to know that Active Shooter / Rampage Shooter situations are rare, because that would harm their emotion driven argument.  No, it is much easier to bury the numbers along with the dead from Gang street violence, Drug Wars, Robberies and other violent crimes... they mix the mentally disturbed individual with those gangbangers shooting indiscriminately into a crowd and count on you making the assumption these Mass Shooting statistics are school shootings.

Assault Weapons and High Capacity Magazines

First off, the supposed "Assault Weapons" Left wing politicians, main stream media and gun-control advocates talk about are actually Sporting Rifles.  These rifles are used for hunting, sport shooting and home protection, just to name a few.  They are not fully automatic rifles that can shoot in a spray of ammo, but are semi-automatic -  shooting one round with one pull of the trigger - the same as any semi-auto handgun.  The image of scary black guns with a twisted demon raking a classroom of children is exactly what the gun-control people want you to think.

And high capacity magazines?  A 30 round magazine is standard capacity.  The fact of the matter is most Active Shooters / Rampage Shooters fire at a rate that is less than a bolt action rifle.

The Anti's image of that scary black weapon is what they want you to see in your head.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

This is a Weapon of Mass Destruction...

...this is not.

Gun Show Loophole

"40% of all guns sold at gun shows don't include a background check!"

This statistic is gathered from a rather dubious poll taken by the National Institute of Justice in 1993-94 using a sample size of 251 citizens - That's right two-hundred-and-fifty-one!  That's one hell of a sampling size - and it was taken over 20 years ago.  The poll was actually 34% with a +/- factor of 6%.  So, of course, pro-gun control advocates latched on to the 40% number as gospel, while in fact, it could have been 28% (and reading the poll itself, the numbers could have been appreciably smaller.)

This same poll shows that only 3.9% of all guns purchased in America were bought at gun shows.  So, if 3.9% of all guns were purchased at the aforementioned gun shows, and even using the high end of 40% were without background checks, then only 1.56% of all guns bought in the United States were without background checks at gun shows.  If you figure the low end of 28% (34% - 6%) then that number falls to 1.09% of all guns.  That, for all practical purposes, is one-in-a-hundred.   

And how many of those one-in-a-hundred are sold to maniacs? Bureau of Justice Polls of prison inmates in 1991 and 1997 showed that less than 1% (0.6 and 0.7) of guns used in crimes were bought at gun shows. As you can see, in a worst case scenario it becomes an infinitesimal number - less than 1 in every 10,000 guns sold at Gun Shows.

 Hmm... can you say "Mountain out of a molehill?"
[After this "fact" was posted, the Washington Post gave King Obama "Three Pinocchio's" for his continued use of his 40% stat, even though he knows its a lie.]

NRA Lobby for Gun Manufacturers

The Gun-Control politicians would have you believe the big, bad NRA has Politicians in their pockets and it's all in the name of those gosh darn gun manufacturers.  Here's something the anti's hate...The NRA fights for the Second Amendment Rights of all American citizens, even those who don't want them.  The NRA has over 5 million members, paying their dues and kicking in more to the
coffers when they can afford it.  And why?

Because the NRA membership believes what the NRA is doing is right and just.  The NRA fights because it's membership says to.  The gun manufacturers don't need the NRA to fight for them. Obama has made sure of that with his threats of gun control, causing a run on guns and ammunition that has left manufacturers months behind in delivering supplies to American gun owners.

And if you think we are only giving money to the NRA, you better think twice.  Here is a very small list of National Second Amendment groups fighting every day for our Constitutional Rights.

Gun Owners of America (GOA)
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
National Association for Gun Rights
Second Amendment Sisters
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Second Amendment Foundation
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Women Against Gun Control
Firearms Policy Coalition

Add in groups that work in each State and you can see, just changing the buzzwords ain't going to cut it.

And why do Politicians vote with the NRA?  Because they know if they vote against the Second Amendment, in all likelihood their Constituents will vote them out of office at the first opportunity.  Kinda' like how it's supposed to work when Politicians ignore their Electors.  And if money was the reason the NRA was so strong, why does Billionaire Michael Bloomberg - after throwing millions into the anti-gun fight - take beating after beating in elections he has funded?

Buzzwords... just one more way the anti's fight.  Stay Strong.

UPDATED 5/3/16

In case you truly wonder whether or not the Anti's push is a concerted effort to change the meanings of words to suit their propaganda, there is this...

Pavlich: The left’s latest bogus ‘gun safety’ narrative which comedian Amy Schumer - Cousin of Democrat New York Senator and Anti Gun leader Chuck Schumer - tweeted this after performing a skit that broke every rule of gun safety known to man...

“Hey journalists thanks for all the heat from last nights #endgunviolence message. Please use the term ‘gun safety’ instead of ‘gun control,’” Schumer tweeted after the episode aired (emphasis added).

Keep your guard up because the punches never stop and the strategies always change.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly

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