Sunday, June 28, 2015

Liberal Stupidity, Crazy Teachers, School Concerns 101 & Retention Holsters

Just so I'm clear on the Liberals logic of Background Checks for private transactions.  A bad guy with an illegal gun is standing in the shadows in a dark alley on the Southside of Chicago at 2:00 am on a Tuesday night..  Another bad guy, who doesn't have an illegal gun but wants one for his nefarious activities, wants to give the bad guy with an illegal gun $80 dollars so that he may then have an illegal gun at his disposal to do violence against others.  So Liberals think a law that makes it mandatory to do a background check for private transactions will stop the bad guy with an illegal gun from selling the illegal gun to the other bad guy who doesn't have an illegal gun???   I... I... I got nothin'....

So here in Illinois, Liberal Logic goes like this... As a citizen with a Concealed Carry License, I get up in the morning, get dressed, strap on my loaded sidearm... and I'm legal.  Later, while carrying concealed, I take my Rifle, put it in the trunk of my car and drive to my friends property for a deer hunt... and I'm legal.  We drive to the selected spot on his property, exit the car, take our loaded rifles and proceed to walk across a field to a stand of trees to begin our hunt - I am carrying a loaded rifle and my loaded concealed carrying handgun... and right there, even though I'm on private property, with permission of the owner,  carrying a concealed legal handgun while already carrying a legal rifle for deer hunting is illegal and I am subject to arrest...  no... I don't have a logical explanation either.  You'll have to ask a Liberal.

When discussing Teachers carrying concealed in schools for the protection of Children, how many times do I have to hear a Hoplophobic person ask... "What if the Teacher is having a bad day and they go crazy, pull out their gun and start shooting the Children?"  All I can think to ask in return is - "What kind of a parent would send their Child to a school where they think the Teachers are unstable and may commit murder on their Children!?"

Other rants about Teachers and Concealed Carry that I've heard from Hoplophobes -
1)  "What if a Student steals the gun!?"   It's being carried concealed and concealed means concealed.  Why and how would the Student know the Teacher was carrying?

2)  "What if the Teacher leaves it in his desk, forgets to lock the desk and a Student takes it?"  Again, it's being carried concealed!  What part of that statement don't you understand?

3)  "What if a Teacher has a physical confrontation with a Student and the Student grabs the gun from the holster?"  In this day and age of Student violence against Teachers, this is actually a legitimate question and an honest concern for those who don't understand the carry lifestyle or the equipment available for this type of situation.  Here's my answer in two words - Retention Holster.

This is from SafariLand Holsters -
For example, in the case of Safariland’s SLS (Self Locking System), the user must overcome the pressure of two springs to push the hood down in order to unlock the mechanism. Then, while holding the unit in the down unlocked position, the user must rotate the hood completely forward to allow the weapon an opening to exit from the holster. If the user simply pushes the hood down to the unlocked position and then releases it, allowing the hood to re-lock, the holster is as secure as it was initially. However, since there are two separate and distinct motions (much like releasing a snap and then rotating the weapon forward slightly with the older 295 holster before drawing), the SLS provides two levels of security by itself. By adding a Sentry device to the SLS, which requires a separate and distinct motion by the user, a third level of security is achieved.

Concerns avoided - The gun cannot fall out of the holster.  The gun cannot be snatched from the holster.  The gun is secure until the person carrying the gun needs it to protect your Children from a madman intent on doing as much damage to your Children as he can before someone with a gun shows up and either shoots him or watches him as he commits suicide - the two most common endings to active shooter situations when someone with a gun arrives on scene.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly


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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Public Places - Jury Nullification & Bat Masteron's Cane

Recently the Wife and I went to the polling place at the local Mall - not the Mall proper, but the strip Mall to the north of the property.  And lo' and behold there was the "posted" sign. I can't help it, but I
always get so worked up when I have to disarm to go into a place that is paid for with taxpayers dollars.

How does that work?!  How do they, after being told by SCOTUS that carrying in public is covered in the Second Amendmen,  give us back our Second Amendment rights, but then turn around and say "Well although, as a citizen of this State and this Country, you have the right to carry, you can't carry in places that you pay for as a citizen of this State and Country.

If we are a lawful in our ability to conceal carry - in public - how can we not be lawful to carry in the places that we directly pay for?!  If it's run on taxpayer money, it doesn't get more public that that!  It's discrimination against a law abiding and legal group of people.


Do you believe in Jury Nullification?

Would Jury Nullification be in conflict with the oath you swore to in court, to uphold the laws presented?  No.  No it would not.

If you swear an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US and the State, by ignoring unconstitutional laws, you are upholding your oath.  You do have personal honor, the most important kind, the kind of Honor that is the hardest to stand by.  There is nothing worse than hearing an officer or a soldier saying "I was just following orders."

In that, there is no Honor.


I love all the old western TV shows.  Which reminds me of a Bat Masterson episode  (yeah, I'm old) where a young man picked up Bat's cane and Bat snatched it back out of his hands, telling him in the most serious voice -" I studied Cane fighting for years! You have no idea how dangerous a cane can be!"

Really.  I'm not lying.  He said that.


As a Libertarian, why would I vote for the very people who implemented this for their own security?

Full article HERE

"Consider the following fact from this year’s General Election here in Illinois as evidence of just how unfair the system has become. In order for an election candidate to run for office and have his or her name printed on the November ballot here, they need to collect and turn in a certain number of valid ballot access petition signatures. How many signatures?

Number of Signatures needed for any Congressional candidate to appear on the 2014 IL election ballot (from the Illinois Board of Elections):
  • Republican Party candidates – 500
  • Democratic Party candidates – 800
  • Libertarians, Greens, other Opposition Party candidates – 15,000
  • Independent candidates – 20,000
*Each quantity is slightly different for each of Illinois’ 18 Congressional Districts. They above are averages of all 18."

There should be a law that states that Legislators may not pass any law that only benefits those in office.


Normally, I can go days, even weeks without disarming.  So I guess I was just jazzed because yesterday I had to disarm twice in two hours.


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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Concealed Carry Deterrents - Hatch Duty Gloves For Carry - Silver Dollar Belly Bruise


It's a shame, but here in Illinois, how many people add up the $$$ ($500) for training + the time it takes to receive the license, add in the question of whether, after going through all that -  Can I carry where I want to go?  Can I carry at work?  Can I carry on public transportation?  Can I carry at the stores I like to go to?  The restaurants?

I think the fact the Liberal Democrats of Illinois drew up the legislation to make it as narrow as possible for Concealed carry, is the biggest deterrent to going through the process and paying the exorbitant amounts of money.


PG_HAT_SG20P_Dura-Thin%20Police%20SearchThis past winter I wanted to buy a pair of gloves that would allow my finger to engage the trigger without the trouble of thick, bulky materials.  I saw these Hatch Duty Gloves  (Hatch SG20P Dura-Thin Search Glove (Black, X-Large) written up in Concealed Carry magazine and figured I would give them a try.

I paid $22 for them thru Amazon ($29 from Hatch).  Using their (Hatch's) sizing chart, the palm of my hand comes out to 10".  According to the chart, this would be the big end of the Large size scale or the low end of the Xtra Large scale.  I opted for the Xtra Large as usually I buy leather dress gloves in the 2XL size, but figured these are made to fit tight.

I was right.

I'm 6'3" and I do have large hands, but I was able to get these on after a few seconds of pushing and tugging and boy do they fit tight!  Honestly, I'm not sure if they are supposed to be this tight or not, but they feel like a second skin.  The way the leather is cut makes the glove slightly uncomfortable as the leather presses into the webbing of my hand between the first and second finger (they are duty gloves, so I'm guessing the gloves are made this way so the leather is tight to your trigger finger), but I'm going to go ahead and wear them and see if they break in.

If you are outside for long periods, they aren't going to keep your hands warm , but for short walks, going to and from the car, walking the mall, they are just fine.

But do they allow you to get your finger on the trigger?  With my 1911, it's as though I don't have a glove on!  With my little Taurus TCP, the seam on the tip of the index finger just touches the trigger guard as I reach for the trigger, but still fits nicely, especially impressive with my gorilla hands.

They seem to be nicely made, look sharp, have a very soft interior and, other than the aforementioned cut of leather between the first and second fingers, are quite comfortable.  I also like the short cut of the glove at the wrist.  I've thought about ordering a pair of the 2XL just to compare and at the price I paid, it wouldn't be a big deal, but I think I will wear these for a week or so and see how they break in, before deciding to go with the larger pair.

(UPDATE)  These are nice gloves for concealed carry.  The upside?  feel great, fit tight and easy to get your finger on the trigger.  Downside?  They are not warm.  Only for short stretches outside.  Also, because the leather is soft, they tend to drag and grab inside of my topcoat.  I can't just slide my hand back inside my coat and grab my gun as the coat will hang on the gloves leather.

All in all, nice gloves, but as with anything we do for concealed carry, you must train with these gloves to make sure you won't have any surprises should a situation arise.

(UPDATE 3-3-2016)  Another winter with these gloves and no worse the wear!  I use them whenever I go out or drive.  Wear is really minimal and they have maintained their elasticity, comfort and looks.  I give em' Five Stars!


I was at LGS a few months ago with a friend.  I was standing behind him while he began shooting.  I was standing far enough back that I was a little bit in the aisle at the rear of the range.  Suddenly something hit me in the stomach, hard.  I lurched / jumped and for just a split second, I thought I had been shot.  I quickly grabbed my stomach (considerable as it is) and pulled up my shirt.  As I looked down, I saw a piece of metal on the floor, small, maybe a 3/8 of an inch.  I picked it up and it looked
like pot metal.

Actual bit of metal that hit me
My stomach was bleeding, nothing bad, but like a deep pin stick and it was sore.  My buddy (who has a lifetime of experience with guns) said it looked like pot metal... maybe someones gun malfunctioned?  But I just couldn't figure out an angle that would allow me to be hit by flying metal.  With me standing behind my shooter (he was shooting a colt 1911, so it didn't come from his gun) I just couldn't see where it came from.  I checked with shooters on either side of us to see if they had had any problems, but no problems were found.

A few days later I had a deep purple bruise the size of a silver dollar on my belly.

Ah well...

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