Sunday, September 20, 2015

Zombies, Cops, Criminal Protection Zones, Vigilence & Free Stuff


No one cares that you are carrying. No one is looking.  No one will notice.  They are modern Zombies! They are too busy with their very important lives.  They have their noses buried in IPads, Kindles and phones.  They wear ear buds that silence the world around them and they wander aimlessly without the slightest hint of awareness.  The only people looking are other people carrying and as one of those, I can honestly say
that since carrying began, I have yet to positively identify someone who was carrying.  I completely believe that if I wore a black shirt, black slacks, black holster and a black gun, I could open carry and it would be sometime before someone noticed.

Relax, do your due diligence and you will be fine.  For everyone else?  Situational awareness is a beautiful thing.


I respect LEO the same way I respect Fireman, Military etc., Those people look in the mirror in the morning and say "Today I will put my life on the line for a stranger."
That is noble and the stuff of legends.  But when you abuse those you are supposed to be serving, all that goodwill is lost in the wind.

If an LEO doesn't like the job or can't handle the vagaries of the job, then they should find another.  In the end, that's all it is... a job.  I like most of the LEO I know, they are good people - make no mistake.  But that being said, the whole "there are a lot of good cops out there" doesn't work for me.

A good cop is only a good cop if he is stopping the bad cops.  Turn in the bad cop when they've done something that offends the public trust.  Good cops should stop the bad cop when they see them overstepping, knowing that the public trust is failed when the good cop commits a "sin of omission" by not standing up for citizens when bad cops go awry.  If an LEO wants the public to respect and back them, the citizenry needs to know that that LEO respects the citizen and is willing to back them when a bad cop situation happens. There is nothing worse than watching a video of a bad cop abusing a citizen, while the good cop stands and watches.


Like everyone else who is pro Second Amendment, I am frustrated and aggravated every time I see that stupid No Guns sign.  But here is the thing... if the Knucklehead who owns the joint doesn't want
me there, then the Knucklehead who owns the joint shouldn't have to have me there.  It's his investment, it's his money, it's his decision.

I would love to see someone open a Concealed Carry Education seminar that traveled to businesses or  groups of business people to give them the lowdown, the facts, the studies of those who Conceal Carry and how the law pertains to them (I'm sure many are acting on bad information) and include a study of the dollars lost through "signing" their place of business, show them the error of their ways, so to speak.  But beyond that?


I'm one of those people who was raised to take personal responsibility for my decisions and my actions.  If I don't want to disarm, then I don't go into a business that is posted with the No Guns sign.  If I don't want to slip and fall, I don't go where the sign says it's wet and slippery.  And if I should happen to decide that the risk of my actions is acceptable to me, and then I am injured, you won't find me looking around for someone else to blame.  One of the core arguments for Concealed Carry is that we, as a group, are responsible people.  We get angry and frustrated with others intolerance of our lifestyle and Rights.  Yet we are intolerant of private businesses who have the right to post.  I just don't understand that line of thinking.



I have no trouble with most things people say as long as there isn't any malicious intent.  And to be honest, I don't much care if anyone is offended.  Using the word offended doesn't give us some magic power to curb other peoples thoughts and words.

But if I am going to be called something derogatory, I prefer "Cotton-headed ninny muggins."


As far as fighting anti-gunners is concerned - Vigilance is the key.  They will never stop.  They will never cease looking for a new angle to chip away at our Constitutional Rights.  


The TSA has 47,000 agents.  How many terrorists have they caught?  ZERO.  How many agents have been terminated for theft? 400.  Total cost of TSA so far?  7.5 Billion.  Lets cut that first.

Social Security?  Find some way to start fazing it out, moving to private accounts. I don't need the Government to tell me how much money I should save, or if I should save.  Why?  Because I'm responsible for myself and my retirement, not the Government.

IRS?  straight tax across the board for everyone. Period. No loopholes, no incentives. A one page tax form at the end of the year.  Then? Start paring down the IRS.

DEA?  One trillion spent on the drug war since the mid sixties... How is that working out for you?  Prohibition doesn't work - Alcohol, drugs, guns.  You'd think people would understand that by now  Legalize all drugs and you don't need the DEA... Sayanara.

And thanks, but I will decide where my money goes.  Not the Government.  If anyone wants to give their money to schooling, knock yourself out.  If I want to give mine to St Judes?  Thanks but that's my decision.  I'll decide whats important for my money. No more bailouts.  No more funding of other Countries.  Enough of taking my money and sending it where you want it to go.

I love how I may be considered greedy or a bad guy because a I don't want to pay for higher education (or any other gubmint programs), but those who want to reach into my pocket, take the money that I worked for and give it to a charity they think is important, consider themselves to be a giving and noble person with higher moral standards than I.


I definitely think Government needs to get out of education.  With the government guaranteeing
loans, the schools are able to raise their rates.  What do they care if the student can't pay when they know the taxpayer will cough up the money.  It's guaranteed, free money! (Read that as taxpayer.)   When there are no guarantees, the students will either go to a smaller college, causing four year colleges to lower their rates to entice students to attend, or students will stop going to four year colleges and do two years at a junior college before moving up to the big leagues, again, dropping costs.

Or they won't go to school at all and maybe take up a trade - and as the saying goes, "the world needs ditch diggers too."

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