Saturday, May 19, 2018

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Progressive Fascists believe guns and those who exercise their Second Amendment Rights stand in the way of their Utopian worldview.  Because of this, there isn't a way to frame a pro-Second Amendment argument - as to them, there is no argument, only mouth-breathing dullards who have outlived their usefulness.  The quicker they back us down, the quicker they put us in our place and enslave us, the quicker they move on to their Arcadian dream life.  


When they watch "Demolition Man," they cheer for Cocteau.


They are Fascists who oppress free-speech.  They shout down opposing ideas, riot to instill fear, berate, admonish and castigate anyone they see as their opponent - all while calling their enemy 'Fascists'.  The only thing missing are the Brown Shirts.


They believe in and employ Saul Alinsky and his 'Rules for Radicals'.  Does Rule #5 seem familiar to you?  “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions."


They worship at the altar of a one-world government.  To them, Nationalism is a colloquial, outdated belief - one which has no place in their dreams of equal outcomes for all living beings.  Not equal opportunity, mind you, but equal outcomes. 


Their belief in their own omnipotence is staggering and is only surpassed by their narcissism.  And this makes them a formidable opponent.


When it comes to their hatred of the Second Amendment, they are the poster children for Cognitive Dissonance.  “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.” 

They verbally attack others when their ideas are threatened.  When the argument is lost they viscously criticize, condemn and vilify anyone who disagrees - Racist! Homophobe! Bigot! Misogynist! -  Saul Alinsky  Rule #8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.” 


They are intellectually dishonest.  They refuse to credit an opponent when an opposing idea reaps benefits for all.


They fear monger to put pressure on their ideological opponents, even telling lies to push their agenda.  Saul Alinsky Rule #9: “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Imagination and ego can dream up many more consequences than any activist."  To understand this, watch as they stand on the backs of dead children to push their anti-gun sentiment.


They don't care that children are dying, only how they die.  In 2010 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) reported that children 14 and under are 17 times more likely to accidentally drown than to be accidentally shot - yet Progressives pressure parents to call and ask if the house where the pool party is being held has any guns stored there, instead of asking if there is a lifeguard on duty.  To them, dead children are a commodity to be spent on their agenda of abolishing the Second Amendment -  nothing more, nothing less.


They are tolerant - but only if you agree with them.


They believe feelings are more important than facts. In Highland Park vs Friedman, Judge Easterbrook tossed away your Second Amendment Rights when he gave this opinion based on emotions...

"If a ban on semi-automatic guns and large-capacity magazines reduces the perceived risk from a mass shooting and makes the public feel safer, as a result, that's a substantial benefit," (emphasis added).


They are immoral.  Progressives believe it is just and right to steal from you at the point of a gun, as long as they - 1) Vote on it.  2) Believe it is for the betterment of others.  In their world, they are entitled to take from you your work product and give it to others.  And if you don't want to give away your money?  They will send people with guns from the Government to take it from you.  


Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly

My book -Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment, a collection from the New Gunner Journal - is now available at Lulu.comAmazon and Barnes & Noble.  If you have any questions about Concealed Carry or are sitting on the fence, this would make a nice read to learn about the lifestyle and those who live it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Illinois Gun Laws - The Face of Tyranny and Fascism

Here in Illinois our Second Amendment Rights are under withering attack from Legislators at the State Capitol.  With the November elections coming up, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is waist deep in a fight with the Head Progressive Mike Madigan, longtime Speaker of the House and the Supreme Dictator of Illinois' version of D.C's 'Swamp.'

The Progressives, after the shooting at Parkland, are using that tragedy as an opportunity to stamp out our Second Amendment Rights, throwing every gun-control Bill they can think of at the Legislature in hopes the emotion and outrage of the Left will carry the day.  They are using the political tactic of attempting to make the Republican Governor look bad, knowing that every gun-control Bill he vetoes can be used against him in ad campaigns Statewide - the usual 'Governor Doesn't Care Children are Dying!', drivel.

Bills being pushed run along the lines of Body Armor bans, Magazine Bans, Sporting Rifle Bans (they call them 'Assault Rifles') and Lethal Order of Protection legislation (with jackboots pressed to the throat of your 4th, 6th and 2nd Amendment Rights).

Illinois Progressive's were apoplectic when they were forced to issue Concealed Carry Licenses in 2012 and have done everything in their power since then to oppress the people from exercising that Right.
  • Most hours of coursework in the U.S. for a CCL?  ✔ (Required 16-hours of classroom along with range qualifying.)
  • Highest cost in the U.S. for CCL classes?  ✔  (Average cost is $175-$250)
  • Highest cost in the U.S. for your CCL?  ✔  ($150.00 for five years.)

Chicago - a microcosm of a Progressive Paradise - is the Face of Tyranny in Illinois 


The Illinois Legislature is pushing gun-control laws already in effect in Chicago, and which are failing badly.
  • Ammo Tax?  ✔ Residents of Chicago and Cook County incur a 5¢ per round tax, forcing many to head to the outlying areas to buy their ammo, and yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities in the USA.
  • Sporting Rifle ('assault weapon') ban?  ✔ And yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities.
  • No gun stores in Chicago?  ✔  And yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities.

How is this possible?

Let's add in that Illinois' legal gun owners are background checked 360 days a year.  Let me repeat that - Illinois' legal gun owners are background checked 360 days a year!  And yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities.

Chicago has been Democratically controlled for nearly 70 years, is a cesspool of crime, is so riddled with debt it cries for help from the rest of the State to stay solvent while it's own economy has a Junk Bond rating - and Illinois itself is quickly following.

Now we see Legislators, emboldened by circumstances and relishing the impact they hope to make on the November elections, attempting to make criminals out of Law Abiding gun owners.  


Because they want to force submission.  Their agenda is that of California and New York - take away your Second Amendment Rights and start the goosestepping towards Fascism - complete control of your life by a Dictatorial leadership.

Look at the laws they are promoting -
  • A ban on body armor? ✔  Even though there is already a law on the books that makes it illegal to use body armor in the commision of a crime.  A total ban would make legal citizens a criminal for trying to protect themselves from those who would do them harm.
  • A Rights dissolving 'Lethal Order of Protection' legislation, along with a 'Dangerous Person hotline'? ✔  This may be the most dangerous legislation in the bunch. Allowing the courts to take a legal gun owners guns, Concealed Carry License and FOID card while putting in place an order of protection - all on an anonymous call.  

How can anyone who believes in The Constitution, Justice, Due Process and the Rule of Law back this type of legislation? 

The violent offender hotline?  When did we stop believing in due process or innocent until proven guilty?  When did we decide to allow people to abuse others - without criminal penalty -  by calling in a false accusation to a hotline?  Anyone who has been through or seen an acrimonious divorce knows this will be abused.  Ex's, angry family members, cantankerous neighbors.  This is truly one of the most terrifying pieces of legislation I can remember coming down the pike.  This is 1930's Germany, Brown shirt, kick down the door and take what and who we want, Tolatarianism.  This Legislation should never have seen the light of day, let alone find anyone in their right mind to vote in favor of this.

Don't for a minute believe the Progressive Left's attack on the Second Amendment is nothing more than an emotional reaction to the shooting at Parkland. They aren't overreacting. This isn't a knee-jerk response to an unfathomable occurrence.

Illinois Legislators see it as an opportunity, a fortuitous though tragic event. They know as well as we do that you can't stop a madman by banning a gun, but it offers them a serendipitous stroke of emotional cover to move against the Second Amendment, our guns, our Rights, our Freedoms and eventually, our very way of life. It is difficult to stay vigilant if you allow yourself to believe this is just a passing storm of hysteria and remorseful petulance. It is not.

It is Tyranny - The very reason the Second Amendment is in place.

What can we do?  Fight!  Call your Representatives and voice your displeasure with the anti-gun Bills being sent to the floor and respectfully urge them to Vote No!

Email your Representatives - type in their name in google with the word 'email' and bingo, you are good to go.  Again, let them know you want them to Vote No on anti-gun Bills.  Respectfully let them know if they choose to vote against your Rights, you will work to unseat them in any upcoming elections.

Get involved!  Join groups like Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry, GunRights4Illinois and others who work behind the scenes to protect us from the 'wolves at the door.'  They keep you updated with email alerts as to the goings on with our Gun Rights in Illinois and are invaluable sources of Second Amendment information and knowledge.

GunRights4Illinois teaches you how to file 'Witness Slips' with the State so Legislators can see that we aren't happy with their anti-gun Bills.

We must fight.  We must be diligent.  We must be vigilant.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Carry Responsibly,

My book -Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment, a collection from the New Gunner Journal - is now available at Lulu.comAmazon and Barnes & Noble.  If you have any questions about Concealed Carry or are sitting on the fence, this would make a nice present to learn about the lifestyle and those who live it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

An Open Letter To Mitch McConnell and the D.C.Establishment Politicians

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reacted to President Elect Donald Trump's proposal to impose term limits on Congress through a Constitutional amendment. McConnell said, "It will not be on the agenda in the Senate." McConnell, one of the old guard political elite, has rejected term limits in the past (imagine that). "I would say we have term limits now — they're called elections."

In one fell swoop, McConnell's rather arrogant statement gives a full screaming voice to the very reason Donald Trump was swept into office in a blowout victory - unforeseen by the polls, pundits, politicians, media and the frothing Clinton Liberals who stood stunned, shaken and crying at the spectacular results. Their 'Snowflake Nation' was left looking for a Safe Space to cower in defeat, as real Americans everywhere took back this Country with an impressive show of voting force not seen in 36 years.

McConnell doesn't get it.  He believes when Mr. Trump takes office, it will be business as usual.  He believes he will decide what the citizens of this Country need.  He believes he can ignore the will of the people and treat us as nothing more than an annoyance -  shaking us off like a horse shuddering away nettlesome flies on a hot summer day.  

I can only say this... McConnell and any like minded establishment politicians inside the Beltway had better get up to speed with the reality and force of the anger and frustration in this Country and realize we voted Mr. Trump into office to "Drain the Swamp!"

It would seem to me that McConnell is standing waste deep in the stinking mire that is the D.C. swamp - unaware the drain plug is about to be pulled from the slimy bottom of the quagmire - right where he is standing.  

So let me put him straight.

Dear Mr. McConnell,

We the people - the angry, frustrated, wounded and degraded Americans of this once great Country - have had enough!  We did not vote Mr. Trump into office so some despicable, arrogant, two-bit hustler like yourself, who is looking out only for himself and other like minded career Politicians, will now stand there and tell us you are going to do what you want - and not what the people of this Country voted for.

Do you think you are immune?  Do you believe that all the outrage that spilled forth like a giant tsunami during this election cycle is going to dissipate just because the election is over?  Do you think the rage and anger of the Trump voters was aimed only at Hillary Clinton and the Progressive faction of the Democrats?  Please tell me you aren't that stupid.

Then again, maybe you are.

Rest assured, Mr. Majority Leader, by flat-out refusing to bring Term Limits to the floor of the Senate, you are deaf to the death knell ringing for you and your smug, condescending, corrupt brethren. Stonewalling the people's choice in a pompous and disdainful attempt to maintain your stranglehold over a no longer unsuspecting populace, will most certainly end up in a loud, messy, humiliating and very public, political suicide.  

The very fact that you fail to grasp the severity of this situation is a sad, yet completely deserved testimony to the mindset of the privileged Establishment Politicians of this Country.

How dare you put your political interests ahead of the will of the American people!  

Let me reiterate... Don't misread this angry,  flag waving rebellion that brought an Anti-Establishment candidate to darken your doorstep. Don't think the vitriol and dissatisfaction is aimed only at those on the Left.  Don't for one second believe we are done cleaning house of morally bankrupt politicos who have spent untold years working in the hallowed halls of Congress for their own benefit, scurrying like rats in the dark, spreading the disease of corruption while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

If you intend to go down this road, to stymie the voice of the people who fought to put Mr. Trump into office, to be so completely and utterly clueless as to ignore the train bearing down on you, then you have made a fatal mistake, a horrific error in judgement of epic proportions.

And in the end, when all is said and done, your only legacy will be that of a corrupt old man who was too stupid, too arrogant and too cowardly to stand with his constituents against the Tyranny of the D.C. elite.  

Its sad that a man like yourself would make such a fatal mistake so late in life.

Hipshot Percussion

If you enjoyed this article, you might like my new book -Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment, a collection from the New Gunner Journal - It is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  If you have any questions about Concealed Carry or are sitting on the fence, this would make a nice Christmas present to learn about the lifestyle and those who live it.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

America in Distress 2016 - Is the Great Experiment of Liberty Finished?

This is the Most Important Election this Country has Ever Known, Bar None.  

As we head to the polls on November 8th, will we stand by and watch as the sun sets on the heart and soul of our great Nation... the Great Experiment in Liberty?

Or will we wave the American Flag in the streets at the rebirth of our Nation, turning back the rising poisoned tide of Far Left Liberalism?

Donald Trump is our only hope. Hillary Clinton must not be allowed to become President.

The Supreme Court of the United States of America, the case-hardened linchpin that must bear the weight of guardianship, keeping this Country anchored to its Constitutional foundation, is back on it's heels, bloodied by Liberal appointments and Socialist ideals.

Our Rights - First, Second, Fourth, Fifth... are on the ropes.  Hillary Clinton has said the "...Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment."  

Clinton will expand ObamaCare... "And what I do want to see is that we have more options for undocumented people to be able to get the Healthcare they need." Apparently, she believes hardworking, responsible, taxpaying Americans should not have the right to keep the money they worked for, the money they sweated for, sacrificed for, the money they earned with their own two hands, but should be forced to pay the freight for those who don't work or pay taxes.  Clinton believes the Government has the right to force us to reach deep into our already empty pockets and pay to support illegal immigrants, who, by the very definition, are Criminals.

HRC will nominate Supreme Court Justices who are Left-leaning and whose ideology is in line with her Saul Alinsky driven Socialistic, global society dream.  She doesn't value the Constitution - thinking it antiquated - and in this video, speaks for 2.5 minutes about Supreme Court Justices while never once mentioning the word "Constitution".  Not one time.  Why?  Because she hates the Constitution!  It stands in her way.  It and the Constitutional Justices impede her dream of Big Government and her Socialist ideals.

Hillary Clinton cannot be President.  Pure and Simple.

She has stated, “My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders..."

Is any of this sinking in?  Bueller?  Bueller?

The polls show a close race in both the popular vote and the Electoral vote - but make no bones about it, she is ahead.  She must be stopped, but how do we accomplish this?  

Turnout.  Pure and simple.  No one should be sitting home on election day.  If you care one iota for this Country, the Constitution, your Liberties and your American way of life - the only one of its kind in the World - then you need to get off your butt and vote for Trump. 

The Media would have you believe this is Trump vs Clinton - but it isn't.  This
is a battle of ideologies - Personal Responsibility against "Free Everything", individual freedoms and Rights vs being forced by Liberals at gunpoint to re-distribute your hard-earned money to those the Left deems worthy.   

This election will impact every American for generations to come. Even if you can't stand the Republican candidate, if you want a shot at turning this Country around, you need to bite the bullet and vote for Trump.

And keep this in mind... if you are thinking of voting independent - Libertarian or Green Party - you are not absolved of any sins in this election!  

Do you presume, by voting independent, you are exonerated from the train wreck this Country will be if Clinton is elected?  Do you honestly believe you bear no responsibility in the outcome of this election, just because you voted your precious principles?  

Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. 

You don't escape blame for a Clinton Presidency.  You will be just as responsible for a Hillary Clinton Presidency as anyone... maybe more so.

Many people are voting for Trump because they realize he is the only viable candidate running against her - not because they like him, not because they believe he's a good guy. They will vote for him because they understand the importance of gutting a Clinton Election - stopping her cold - and the only option to accomplish this is to vote for Trump. 

A vote for an independent candidate is the same as not voting at all.  All you are doing is sitting on the sidelines while allowing others to choose your next President - and like the cartoon to the left - you and you alone will have to take responsibility for your vote and explain to your Children, your Grandchildren, how those sacred principles that just wouldn't allow you to vote for Trump, were absolutely fine with Clinton becoming President while destroying our freedoms, our way of life and our Country. Maybe you can integrate that talk into the one where you explain why, when you die, the Government will be taking between 38 and 65% of their inheritence - another Clinton aim.

Of course, there are those that believe Trump is the second coming of Hitler... truly... I've heard them say it.  I even asked one long-time friend if he was actually comparing Trump to a man who exterminated 6,000,000 people?  His response?

Yes. That even Hitler was considered a good guy when he was running for election.

How the heck do you combat that kind of insanity?

Scott Adams, a trained hypnotist, a self-described student of persuasion and the creator of the comic strip Dilbert, covered this subject in his blog post - I Wake You Up For The Presidential Debate.

"If a friend said he could see a pink elephant in the room, standing right in front of you, but you don’t see it, which one of you is hallucinating?

Answer: The one who sees the pink elephant is hallucinating.

In nearly every scenario you can imagine, the person experiencing an unlikely addition to their reality is the one hallucinating. If all observers see the same addition to their reality, it might be real. But if even one participant can’t see the phenomenon – no matter how many can – it is almost certainly not real.

If you see something unlikely – such as a new Hitler rising in the midst of America – and I see nothing remotely like that – I’m almost certainly right and you’re almost certainly having the illusion. I say that because the person who sees the unlikely addition to reality is the one experiencing the illusion nearly every time. Trump as Hitler-in-America is an addition to reality that only some can see. It is a pink elephant. It is a classic hallucination... And Clinton’s team of persuaders has caused half of the country to see Trump as a racist/sexist Hitler with a dangerous temperament. That’s a pink elephant."


"...I’m here to tell you that if you are afraid that Donald Trump is a racist/sexist clown with a dangerous temperament, you have been brainwashed by the best group of brainwashers in the business right now: Team Clinton. They have cognitive psychologists such as Godzilla advising them. Allegedly."

Open your eyes.

If you vote independent in this election, you are throwing away your vote like a Billionaire throwing away a damaged C-note. Your vote, like the damaged Benjamin, has value, but only if you use that bill on something of equal value, and an independent vote has no value in this election - it is a waste.

You can righteously dispute that argument all you want, but it's true.

Would you bet on a three-legged horse in the Kentucky Derby? Of course not, he can't win and you wouldn't throw away good money on him just because of your principles.

Why not write-in a vote for Jack or Jane from down the street? Hell, you've talked with them and they are truly the perfect Libertarians! Perfect! So if you must vote by your principles, you should write in one of their names!

But you won't. Why? Because they can't win. Because that would be throwing away your vote.

Is this getting through to you?

And remember your vote for a Third Party can have far-reaching consequences.
In 1992, if all those who voted for Ross Perot (myself included) had voted for Bush, Bill Clinton would have likely never been elected... and by association, Hillary most likely wouldn't be running today.

Hell, I'll take the blame - this mess of an election is my fault - because I voted independent in 1992. I threw away my vote and turned over the White House to Liberals and in this election, your vote is far more valuable than mine was in 1992. 

Your vote in this election is more valuable than it has ever been.

Donald Trump is an honest-to-God, once in a lifetime opportunity to effect real change in this Country. Change away from Socialism. Change away from Big Government. Change away from the elitist political climate that now permeates this Country. Change away from a Liberal Supreme Court. Change away from unemployment. Change away form higher taxes. Change away from debilitating restrictions on businesses.

Change. For the good of everyone, even those who don't realize it.

Trump has been an indestructible fulcrum that has leveraged honesty and plain speech against the political hierarchy of this politically correct Country. He alone has exposed the Media for what it is - before Wikileaks. He alone railed against a rigged election process - again, before Wikileaks. He alone has the resources to buck the system without fear of political retribution. He alone can't be bought.


He stands against every MSM outlet who looks to bury him. He stands against
illegal immigrants flooding into our Country. He stands against Sanctuary Cities. He stands against higher taxes. He stands against the politicians - from both sides
of the aisles - that attempt to abort his run for the Presidency.


And on November 8th, 2016 we need to proudly stand with him and speak with one voice. One strong, loud, rebellious voice.

We Are Taking Our Country Back!

Stay Safe, Carry Responsibly and Vote for Trump!


My new book -Concealed Carry and the War on the Second Amendment, a collection from the New Gunner Journal - is now available at Lulu.comAmazon and Barnes & Noble.  If you have any questions about Concealed Carry or are sitting on the fence, this would make a nice Christmas present to learn about the lifestyle and those who live it.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Concealed Carry? Questions I Am Asked... Part ll

As we move closer to the election, with terror attacks taking place and the uncertainty of the coming changes in the Supreme Court and thus, the Second Amendment, the questions about the concealed carry lifestyle keep on coming.

Here are a few more...

With the thought of carrying, many people want to know how to avoid the fight all together, or they are afraid of being surprised and being unable to defend themselves.  I talk to them about Condition Yellow and use this analogy.

This is NOT Condition Yellow:
You get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, make breakfast, help get the kids out the door, their smiling faces a nice send-off to your busy day at work.

You kiss your spouse good-bye, give them a hug and jump into the
car.  Starting it up, you put it into reverse and as you back up, you look back over your shoulder and have to hit the brakes as a car suddenly comes from behind a parked car.  Finally you swing into the street.

As you pull away your hand reaches out to the radio, changing the channel, turning up the volume.  You hear a yell and look up to see your neighbor waving at you as they jog down the street moving quickly up onto the curbing as you go by them.  You wave back with a smile, thinking 'why is he waving with his fist?'

At the stop sign you turn right, the sun shining in your eyes, and you wonder at the brilliance of the blue sky as "Hey Carrie Anne..." blares through the speakers.  A pothole shakes the steering wheel and you make a mental note to call the city when you get to the office.

As you come to the stoplight, which is green, you are in the right hand lane, tapping your hands to the wheel in time to the music. The car on your left slows to make the turn while you continue on through the intersecBAM!  CRASH!  A car has just crushed the drivers side door, slamming you to the left, the side airbag deploying, the front airbag deploying, smoke and the sound of twisting steel and a racing engine attack your ears as your car spins crazily across the road into a telephone pole.  The last thing you hear as blood flows into your eyes and you pass out is "Hey Carrie Anne, what's your game now, can anybody play..."

This IS Condition Yellow:
You get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, make breakfast, help get the kids out the door, their smiling faces a nice send-off to your busy day at work.

You kiss your spouse good-bye, give them a hug and jump into the car - looking behind it to make sure none of the neighborhood children are there.  Starting it up, you put it into reverse and as you back up, you look back over your shoulder watching not only the road, but the sidewalks for people walking.  You see a car just as it moves through some parked cars on the street and you gently brake, letting him go by before swinging into the street.

As you pull away you look into both side mirrors and then your rear view mirror to make sure everything is set correctly.  When you are comfortable you reach over to the radio and turn it down a little, so you can concentrate on your driving.  You notice your neighbor jogging next to the curb and move over a little to give him room, smiling and waving as you do.

At the stop sign you turn right, the sun shining in your eyes, and you wonder at the brilliance of the blue sky as you pull down the visor, cutting the glare and allowing you to see a child's ball in the roadway, going around it.  You laugh as you think of the next person who doesn't see it and runs over it with a bang - thinking it's going to feel like a pothole!

As you come to the stoplight, which is green, you are in the right hand lane, lightly tapping your hands to the wheel in time to the music on the radio. The car on your left slows to make a left... and you wonder why?  There is no oncoming traffic.  The road ahead is clear for him to turn left.  You lift off the gas pedal, allowing your car to slow as you look around, trying to see if there is a problem. And then on your left you see a car that is swerving, bearing down on the intersection, about to go through a red light! 

You easily stop your slowing car, watching as the idiot blasts through the intersection, a phone to his ear, completely unaware of the carnage he has avoided.  You shake your head, look at the car on your left and nod in commiseration with the driver at the idiot drivers stupidity, look both ways, check the light and go on your way to work. As you do, you realize your favorite song is playing gently through the speakers, "Hey Carrie Anne, what's your game now, can anybody play..."

Condition Yellow allows you to see everything coming before it gets to you.  

It allows you to make decisions ahead of time that can not only keep you out of the fight, but if a fight arrives, will allow you to be better prepared to work up a plan.

If you are not in Condition Yellow, it's as if you are standing in the middle of the expressway with cars roaring by at 60 mph, just inches from you, your hair and clothes flapping in the wind, going far to fast for you to react - so you stay there, frozen.

If you are in Condition Yellow, you are driving at 60 mph, right along with traffic, seeing everything as it happens in real time, slowly, allowing anticipation.

"What do you do with your gun when you use the restroom?"

It depends on where I carry.  In my shoulder holster?  It stays where it's at - Unless you're George Costanza.  If I pocket carry, I usually leave it in the pocket.  But if I carry on the belt, IWB or OWB, then it goes in the basket.

What is the basket?  Well, you take off your gun (preferably with the holster attached, though in many instances this may not be possible or realistic) and put it in the crotch of your pants.

Why this guy on the left is not wearing underwear is beyond me, but carefully placing the gun here assures two things.  The gun is safe from others and you won't forget it.

What you don't do with your gun while you're in the bathroom is more important.

Don't leave it on the back of the toilet.  Don't put it on the sink. Don't hang it on the back of the door.  Don't place it on the floor at your feet. Don't leave it in your holster without making sure it won't fall out, clattering on the floor or possibly outside the stall.

Some people leave it in the waistband holster, but re-fasten their belt at their knees, keeping the pant taut, the holster perpendicular to the ground.  But in the end, the bottom line is - You are responsible for your gun at all times.  Don't be the guy who leaves it on the commode "just this one time" and then realizes twenty minutes later that his gun isn't with him.  

Not only do you hurt Second Amendment supporters everywhere with your stupidity, but immeasurably worse, you could cause injury or death to an innocent, for which you would be held responsible - both with jail time and with lawsuits.  As gun owners we claim to be trustworthy and responsible, and there you are doing your best Barney Fife impersonation.

"What's the best piece of advice you can give me about concealed carry?"

Get a good carry belt.  You will hear this over and over, but until you buy one, you can't understand the true concept of concealed carry comfort.

What makes a carry belt different than a good, thick, heavy leather belt?  A carry belt is made with two pieces of leather - or nylon type synthetics - stitched together to make one rigid belt. Some belts are two pieces plus a steel core reinforcement that adds to the rigidity while extending the life of the belt.

Rigidity is the key.  You don't want a belt that can twist, sag or stretch.  You want the gun tight to your body and to safely hold its position while you carry.  You don't want to constantly tug at your pants, or feel like you have to check to see if your gun is falling out away from your body.  Anyone who has had a belt roll over on them, twisting so the inside is now the outside, will understand the need for rigidity.

The most common reason that people stop carrying or only carry occasionally is comfort.  Get a good belt.  Be comfortable. Be safe.

Open carry vs concealed carry

I live in Illinois, so it's only concealed carry here unless you're on your own property or have the permission of the property owner to open carry.

If you are in a State that allows both, this is truly a personal decision.  There are many factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding between the two forms of carry.

  • Do you want to give up the anonymity of concealment? There is something to be said for the ease and unobtrusiveness of concealment.  
  • If you open carry, will you be a target for those trying to steal a gun? With open carry, close quarters hand to hand tactics should be practiced to thwart an attempted theft of your weapon. Living in Condition Yellow needs to be sharpened to a fine edge.  You will need at least a level II retention holster while a level III is better.  These kinds of holsters require several movements to allow your sidearm to come free. This cuts down the odds on the bad guy grabbing your pistol from you. Not only will the bad guy have a much tougher time snatching your piece, but this type of holster will require you to be well practiced in un-holstering should the need arise in an emergency.  
  • If a bad guy enters, will you be his first target because he can see you have the ability to shoot him?  This is a real concern. Many say the very fact they can see the gun, may cause the bad guy to go elsewhere.  Others say you may be the first person shot.
  • Do you want to give up the element of surprise? There are those who feel carrying concealed gives you an edge in a situation that suddenly goes south.  You have a gun and the bad guy doesn't know it? Check.  Surprise counts.
  • If you open carry are you prepared for the attention?  The 'man with a gun' calls?  Some will say the very act of open carrying should be done to desensitize people to guns.  If people see normal citizens walking around heeled, their Hoplophobic brains would retrain themselves.  Others say they don't want the attention, the looks, the fear, the cops showing up with guns drawn because someone called in a MWAG - or worse yet, someone swatting you.
As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about when you make the decision to carry open or concealed.  Think it through and do what's best for you and yours.

If you came home and realized someone might be in your house, do you know how to clear it?

While I know people who practice clearing their homes, the reality is that I don't.  The two scenarios that play out are - Coming home to a house that might have a stranger in it, or being at home and someone breaking in.

Lets look at the first one. You come home, open the garage door and realize the inner door is standing wide open - or the front door is ajar as you walk up to it.  You look at your spouse and you wonder... Is someone in our home?

At this point, your best and safest play is to move away from the home and call the professionals - the Police.  This is what they do. This is what they train for. This is the job they've taken on.

Just recently, renowned firearms instructor Rob Pincus, of I.C.E. training went to his sisters house, only to realize squatters may have taken over the property.  Pincus has the skills and training to handle this himself, but what did he do?

He drove to the end of the block and called Denver P.D.  They arrived and removed the squatters.  This was the smart play.  You never know what or who you will meet in those circumstances - so why go from safely outside, to putting yourself in danger?

The second scenario is someone breaking in while you're at home.  In this instance the practice should be to take up a defensive position, call 9-1-1, loudly inform the intruder the Police have been called and that you are armed and will use force if necessary.

Then sit back and wait for the good guys with guns to arrive.

If you have children in the house, there should be a plan in place to retrieve them whenever possible and if not, they should be taught how to barricade themselves in their rooms until help arrives.

This is the simple and safe way to handle the situation.  Certainly these are just two scenarios, but in the end, staying safe is all the matters.  Staying out of the fray is the easiest way to do this.

Would you be the hero during a rampage shooting?

This appears to be one of the most talked about situations, as far as concealed carry is concerned.  For this, I don't believe there is a simple answer.  But this is what I tell those who ask.

My job, my one and only job, the only thing I'm worrying about is to keep me and mine safe.  That's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.  If shooting starts, living in Condition Yellow I know where exits are. I know where elevators, staircases and escalators are. And I'm getting me and mine out.  Period.

Now that may sound crass to many.  It may sound cold and detached, but that's it in a nutshell - and I don't owe anyone an explanation.

Everyone has the ability to defend themselves.  As a matter of fact, it's your personal responsibility to defend yourself - not mine, not the Police, not the Governments - it's yours. 

Now with that being said, after my family and friends are safe, then the decision to take on a shooter would depend on the circumstances at that time - and at that time they may be undefinable.

It is possible that an active shooter / rampage shooter situation could break out right in front of you and there may be an opportunity to end it right there - but what if you miss and are shot, how will your spouse, your children, your grandchildren make it to safety?  Or will they be mowed down with the others?

The only situation I believe I would run into headlong, is an active shooter at a school (or anyplace children were present) where I know the Police have not arrived. Then?  

I'm in.  Devil be damned.

How often do you practice?

This is another one that is different for everybody.  In the beginning, I went to the range every two weeks and put a couple hundred rounds at paper targets.  I practiced dry fire in my house (with no one home, because, you know, it feels kind of silly - even though it isn't) at least twice a week. 

This was mainly drawing, firing and firing while moving either backwards or quartering away from the target.  Later my Son bought a SIRT training pistol - a full weight replica of a Glock 19, with a removable mag and a two stage laser trigger - and I practiced with that the same way.

Beyond practice, you need to read, Read, READ!  So many books that help you to understand concealed carry, guns, tactics and practice.  

Books like - 

  • The Gun Digest Book Of Concealed Carry, In the Gravest Extreme, Deadly Force - Understanding Your Right to Self Defense, and StressFire - all written by the guru of all things guns, Massad Ayoob
  • Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals, USCCA Edition by Michael Martin
  • Armed Response by David Kenik

Read them.  Study them. Practice them.  When you've read a book, sign the inside of the cover and date it.  Why?  Because if you ever have to defend yourself at trial, what you know and don't know may be the difference between going home to he family and living in a hell called prison for the rest of your life.

At trial, you are able to give evidence only to what you knew at the time, and how it may have affected your lethal force response. If you shot a man who had a knife and was 18' feet away, being able to explain to a jury what the Tueler Drill is and the part it plays in JOA - Jeopardy Opportunity and Ability - will go a long way to helping yourself.  If you didn't know this information in advance, you would not be able to bring it up at trial.  Keeping records of what you read can be a great help to yourself and your attorneys, should the need arise.

Join gun forums and take classes when you can.  Holster drill classes, shooting classes, self defense classes.  Subscribe to magazines.  You can never learn or know too much.

In the end, one fact is always clear to me - What I know, isn't enough.  You can never sit back and think you've got it covered. You must practice.  You must read.  You must advance your skills whenever possible.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly

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