Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Illinois Gun Laws - The Face of Tyranny and Fascism

Here in Illinois our Second Amendment Rights are under withering attack from Legislators at the State Capitol.  With the November elections coming up, Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is waist deep in a fight with the Head Progressive Mike Madigan, longtime Speaker of the House and the Supreme Dictator of Illinois' version of D.C's 'Swamp.'

The Progressives, after the shooting at Parkland, are using that tragedy as an opportunity to stamp out our Second Amendment Rights, throwing every gun-control Bill they can think of at the Legislature in hopes the emotion and outrage of the Left will carry the day.  They are using the political tactic of attempting to make the Republican Governor look bad, knowing that every gun-control Bill he vetoes can be used against him in ad campaigns Statewide - the usual 'Governor Doesn't Care Children are Dying!', drivel.

Bills being pushed run along the lines of Body Armor bans, Magazine Bans, Sporting Rifle Bans (they call them 'Assault Rifles') and Lethal Order of Protection legislation (with jackboots pressed to the throat of your 4th, 6th and 2nd Amendment Rights).

Illinois Progressive's were apoplectic when they were forced to issue Concealed Carry Licenses in 2012 and have done everything in their power since then to oppress the people from exercising that Right.
  • Most hours of coursework in the U.S. for a CCL?  ✔ (Required 16-hours of classroom along with range qualifying.)
  • Highest cost in the U.S. for CCL classes?  ✔  (Average cost is $175-$250)
  • Highest cost in the U.S. for your CCL?  ✔  ($150.00 for five years.)

Chicago - a microcosm of a Progressive Paradise - is the Face of Tyranny in Illinois 


The Illinois Legislature is pushing gun-control laws already in effect in Chicago, and which are failing badly.
  • Ammo Tax?  ✔ Residents of Chicago and Cook County incur a 5¢ per round tax, forcing many to head to the outlying areas to buy their ammo, and yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities in the USA.
  • Sporting Rifle ('assault weapon') ban?  ✔ And yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities.
  • No gun stores in Chicago?  ✔  And yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities.

How is this possible?

Let's add in that Illinois' legal gun owners are background checked 360 days a year.  Let me repeat that - Illinois' legal gun owners are background checked 360 days a year!  And yet Chicago still has one of the highest murder rates among large cities.

Chicago has been Democratically controlled for nearly 70 years, is a cesspool of crime, is so riddled with debt it cries for help from the rest of the State to stay solvent while it's own economy has a Junk Bond rating - and Illinois itself is quickly following.

Now we see Legislators, emboldened by circumstances and relishing the impact they hope to make on the November elections, attempting to make criminals out of Law Abiding gun owners.  


Because they want to force submission.  Their agenda is that of California and New York - take away your Second Amendment Rights and start the goosestepping towards Fascism - complete control of your life by a Dictatorial leadership.

Look at the laws they are promoting -
  • A ban on body armor? ✔  Even though there is already a law on the books that makes it illegal to use body armor in the commision of a crime.  A total ban would make legal citizens a criminal for trying to protect themselves from those who would do them harm.
  • A Rights dissolving 'Lethal Order of Protection' legislation, along with a 'Dangerous Person hotline'? ✔  This may be the most dangerous legislation in the bunch. Allowing the courts to take a legal gun owners guns, Concealed Carry License and FOID card while putting in place an order of protection - all on an anonymous call.  

How can anyone who believes in The Constitution, Justice, Due Process and the Rule of Law back this type of legislation? 

The violent offender hotline?  When did we stop believing in due process or innocent until proven guilty?  When did we decide to allow people to abuse others - without criminal penalty -  by calling in a false accusation to a hotline?  Anyone who has been through or seen an acrimonious divorce knows this will be abused.  Ex's, angry family members, cantankerous neighbors.  This is truly one of the most terrifying pieces of legislation I can remember coming down the pike.  This is 1930's Germany, Brown shirt, kick down the door and take what and who we want, Tolatarianism.  This Legislation should never have seen the light of day, let alone find anyone in their right mind to vote in favor of this.

Don't for a minute believe the Progressive Left's attack on the Second Amendment is nothing more than an emotional reaction to the shooting at Parkland. They aren't overreacting. This isn't a knee-jerk response to an unfathomable occurrence.

Illinois Legislators see it as an opportunity, a fortuitous though tragic event. They know as well as we do that you can't stop a madman by banning a gun, but it offers them a serendipitous stroke of emotional cover to move against the Second Amendment, our guns, our Rights, our Freedoms and eventually, our very way of life. It is difficult to stay vigilant if you allow yourself to believe this is just a passing storm of hysteria and remorseful petulance. It is not.

It is Tyranny - The very reason the Second Amendment is in place.

What can we do?  Fight!  Call your Representatives and voice your displeasure with the anti-gun Bills being sent to the floor and respectfully urge them to Vote No!

Email your Representatives - type in their name in google with the word 'email' and bingo, you are good to go.  Again, let them know you want them to Vote No on anti-gun Bills.  Respectfully let them know if they choose to vote against your Rights, you will work to unseat them in any upcoming elections.

Get involved!  Join groups like Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry, GunRights4Illinois and others who work behind the scenes to protect us from the 'wolves at the door.'  They keep you updated with email alerts as to the goings on with our Gun Rights in Illinois and are invaluable sources of Second Amendment information and knowledge.

GunRights4Illinois teaches you how to file 'Witness Slips' with the State so Legislators can see that we aren't happy with their anti-gun Bills.

We must fight.  We must be diligent.  We must be vigilant.

Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Carry Responsibly,

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