Monday, May 11, 2015

Moe's Eye Poke Violence - Polo Shirts and Printing - West Side Story Liberal Fears


A few weeks back I picked up two boxes of CCI Mini Mags (100 count) at Bass Pro Shops - $9.00 a box.   It was behind the counter and limit was two boxes.  Whoeeeee!


Man dies by hammer and I'm thinking it might be the next weapon Anti's try to ban...


Most of the shirts I wear are Polo's, t-shirts and sweatshirts (around the house).  When wearing a button down, I tuck the shirt (I always wear IWB) or on very rare occasions pocket carry.  I have a couple of nice vests - not tactical - that I can wear unbuttoned if I feel I need extra help.  I carry either a Taurus TCP, a 1911 Commander or now a newly minted Kahr CW45.  Anymore, I never worry about printing.  For all the crying, whining and emotional hand wringing one hears from the Anti's, no one notices, looks or apparently, cares.


A very short review of the book - After You Shoot - Your Guns Hot. The Perp's Not.  By Alex Korwin

I read it and I didn't care for it.  Most of what he says is strictly conjecture and what he thinks might work.  Most of the lawyers quoted in his book disagree with him and his teachings.  I felt like he was using the reader as a guinea pig for his experimental thoughts on what to do in a shooting situation.  I think if you employed his suggestions, you might end up in bad trouble.  No thanks.  I'll just stick to the advice of the Massad Ayoobs of the world.


We went to see West Side Story at the Drury Lane theater in Oak Brook a few weeks ago.  When the lights went down, the MC announced that all phones needed to be turned off, that there would be fighting and smoking in the play and that there would be... wait for it... Fake Gunshots!  Believe it or not, there were audible gasps from many in the audience.  Oh, their tender sensibilities... whatever will they do when real life comes for them.


Well, at least Illinois is still in the hunt for the Obama Presidential Library.  Although, other than comic books, what else would be stored there?

There is no such thing as Gun Violence. Just as there is no such thing as Knife Violence, or BlackJack Violence, or Bat Violence, or Poking in the Eye Violence. When we commit violence on someone, it is a conscious act. The gun cannot act, it is only the tool of the person committing the act. The knife cannot act, it is only the tool of the person committing the act, the finger cannot act, it is only the tool of Moe.

Moe demonstrating his quick strike capabilities.
To fix violence you must first work to repair the family unit in this country. Better parenting means better educated children, better educated children mean better employment opportunities, better employment opportunities means less reliance on gangs and drugs, and so on... and so on...

Violence is not caused by a gun. If you believe guns are the problem, then you must also believe that banning spoons will stop obesity. How silly does that sound?


The NRA believes in teaching children gun safety, starting with the Eddie Eagle gun safety program while the anti-Second Amendment, anti-Constitution people believe it's best to stick your head in the sand and cross your fingers 

The NRA has Eddie Eagle who teaches these four rules to children
If you see a gun:
Don't Touch.
Leave the Area.
Tell an Adult.

Eddie the Eagle is a program Schools and groups may use. It never mentions the NRA. It is there for parents and adults to use to teach safety. Nothing more.


As a Second Amendment supporter who has stood-by observing as the media, standing tall behind the First Amendment, trashed our Right to keep and bear arms and attempted to ban certain guns and magazines - it only seems fair that legislation should be written that would restrict the media to 25 words or less on any one topic.  Background checks (who are these people, anyway?), licenses, and a special use tax on all purchases pertaining to writing should be mandatory.

Being forced to use concise and comprehensive verbiage would be a common sense approach to protecting our children from those that would put icky-bad thoughts in their heads.  The public would be safer, as National Security would be better served by less information... lets face it, there's no need for you to know the pesky details of how the Government does it's business!

While this would be a minor hindrance to those who use their First Amendment Rights, it's only common sense that the Citizens of this Country should embrace this restriction for the good of everyone - women and children, poor and downtrodden, the hurt and lost.  Though being able to use just 25 words or less will put a damper on some of you in the media, those that write about hunting and fishing won't be affected.  Only those who write Op Ed pieces on Politicians, Legislators and the like - those words are the real danger to the rest of us.  Come one guys! This would be a "common sense" law!  The media would still be able to use words to report on any story, just not as many!

Oh yeah, a list of banned words to follow.

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