Monday, April 20, 2015

Treasonous Politicians, Accidental Deaths and the Cost of Concealed Carry


I am 58 year old male, married with two children and five grandchildren (plus one on the way!), a gun owner and a concealed carry permit holder. If I choose to go out with my family and friends to an establishment that makes more than 50% of its profits from alcohol, then I should be able to do so without the intrusion of uninformed and fearful legislators!  Like any private business in Illinois, if those business' don't want legal guns in their private establishments, then they may display a sign stating this (and lose my business forever). This insidious notion that gun owners are unable to contain themselves from twirling their guns, shooting them in the air and drinking at the same time has got to stop. We are already held to the same stiff laws and standards of alcohol consumption that Illinois drivers must follow, but to attempt to legislate a mans conscience is not only abhorrent, but anti-American.

I'm tired of those State Legislators who believe they were voted into office to protect us from ourselves. You were not! You are here to serve your constituency, no more and no less. When you attempt to circumvent the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the very piece of paper you swore to uphold when you took office, your true self shows through and, as far as I'm concerned, borders on Treason. Shame on you for your God like stance that you know whats better for us than we do.


If you've escalated the fight and then were forced to draw and shoot your adversary, you will have plenty of time to sit on your principles in prison while your loved ones are bled dry by a lawsuit from the family of the deceased. It's not about "making the smart choice" as to when you pull your firearm. Its making the smart choice to:

1) Not be in the position in the first place.
2) Make sure you've done everything possible to diffuse the situation
3) If necessary - just get the hell out of dodge.

If a situation breaks out and you make a series of decisions that incites that situation and you find yourself getting your head beat in and you pull out your gun to "stand your ground" or "defend against a lethal attack" and you didn't attempt 1, 2 or 3, the jury isn't going to care whether you made the smart choice - only that you made a series of bad choices first.


The CDC reported in 2010 - Accidental deaths for children 14 and under (they don't use children above that age as gangs play a huge roll in gun deaths) were reported as:

34% accidental death due to a car accident
23% accidental death due to drowning
17% accidental death due to fire
7% accidental death due to suffocation
6% accidental death due to a conglomeration of incidents
2% accidental death due to poisoning
>1.5% accidental death to due gunshot

As a mother or father, if your six-year old went to a friends home to play, would you be more worried that the parents owned guns or that they had a pool? Would you be more worried if your child went with someone who legally possessed a concealed carry permit or with someone who didn't buckle them in when going in the car?  So for every child who dies due to accidental gunshot, 55 die due to drowning, or fire, or suffocation or poisoning or other things... yet gun control is the debate? Guns are what this Country is so worried about?

People who push gun control while standing on the backs of dead children, don't care that children die, only how they die.  The agenda is banning guns - emotion and fear is how they believe they can get there.

Shame on them.


Gun control folks don't lose the argument because of inept tactics or being underfunded. They lose because they are wrong, and no amount of money can change that one, single, solitary fact.

Received my Concealed Carry license in March of 14, and if there is one thing I've learned in the time I've been carrying it's this... No one knows, or cares.  Good belt, good holster, loose shirt = concealed.


I won't be moving anytime soon, but if I did it would be West Texas, Western Oklahoma, or the southwest.  I love Montana and Wyoming but I've had my fill of winters.  I actually like the cold, but I just can't take the snow anymore.


All I know is that when I'm not carrying, not only do I feel something is missing, I feel vulnerable. Starting out, I would have never believed I would reach that point.  So far, this has been one strange trip, indeed.


Illinois anti-gun politicians worked hard to stop it's citizenry from getting a concealed carry license in more ways than one.  My classes were $260 + $150 for the license = $410  Add in ammo and gas and lunch both days of class and its darn close to $500 without the prints (which I supplied). This amount of money is outrageous! And I've been out of work since July 2013, so it hurts!  $75 for a change of address?  Are you kidding me?  I can see a point where a class action suit is brought against the State for impeding peoples ability to exercise their Second Amendment Rights.  The money paid should do nothing except cover the States cost to issue the license, not to update their outdated systems.


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