Saturday, April 4, 2015

Libertarians, The Zombie Nation & The Psychology of Anti Gunners

**************************************************************************************************** I am utterly amused by the outrage and indignation from both sides of the Religious Freedom / Gay Rights legislative wars - both sides attempting to force their personal views on each other.

As a Libertarian I don't much care what people think or believe or who they are sleeping with.  I just don't care - to each their own, enjoy your life!  But as a Libertarian, I believe if you own a business and or property, you have the right to run it anyway you like, including the right to discriminate against anyone, anything or any idea you choose (including putting a NO GUN sign on your door).  It's your Right to be a bigot, your Right to be an idiot, your Right to be a self righteous prick.  But, as a Libertarian, I also believe the free market will put those people out of business (or hurt their business to the point of changing their outlook) because no one will patronize their establishment and their business will die on the vine, just like a Bad Idea.  I believe in personal freedom- even for idiots - and why would anyone want to spend their hard earned, heavily taxed money where they obviously aren't wanted?  Just makes no sense.

Of course these same people who are crying and screaming and suing over their personal Rights have no problem at all denying my Right to Keep and Bear Arms under the Second Amendment.  Can you say H Y P O C R I T E?


Typical Voting American on his way to the tennis match
I always think of American citizens as the crowd at a political tennis match, all clustered together in the stands, sitting like zombies awaiting a feast.  In a syncopated rhythm our heads move back and forth in unison, staring in an hypnotic trance at the political argument that is the tennis ball being stroked by the combatants, the Republicans and the Democrats.  Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... then a Libertarian yells "FREEDOM!"  In unison our heads snap to the voice, our zombie eyes briefly flicker to life, brains ratcheting like a rusty chainsaw , thoughts take shape and then, like ghosts at sunrise, fade away... and then slowly, one by one, we turn our heads back to the political game at hand, the ball continuing to move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...


I've only owned guns since December of 2012 - definitely a newbie in the grand scheme of things - I have my concealed carry license and like all of you, I've spent enormous amounts of time and money educating myself on this lifestyle.  I've read all the books I can get my hands on and subscribe to several Conceal Carry / Gun forums.

All in the name of self defense of myself and innocents alike.  Just like you.

This particular article (listed below) gave me insight into the inner workings of the anti-gunners mind, why he thinks the way he does and how to gently work to change his mind, making him question his own line of thought without causing the defensive, emotional and irrational reaction we have all seen before.  I'm sure many of you have already read it and many more already know the information.

For those that haven't, I hope you find it as interesting as I did.
Raging Against Self Defense:
A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality


I will never understand those that fear the second person with a gun more than the first person with a gun who is trying to murder all the people who don't have a gun.  How does that work?  And what more could you possibly ask for than some stranger who is willing to step in and put their own life on the line to defend you and yours right here? Right now?


In 2013 I went to my local police station to get my fingerprints for the Florida Concealed Carry permit.  The Officer taking the prints asked what they were for.  I told him that I was applying for my Florida license and explained why (at that time it was bandied about that having an out of state license would
allow you to carry in Illinois after January 1 - until you received your Illinois license).  I specifically said "this way I can carry until Illinois lets me carry."

The Officer looked at me and said "Let you carry?  Let you have your rights?  What are you... a Democrat!?"

I broke out laughing and he explained that in fact he could not care less about someones political affiliation, but he thought that everyone should have a gun in the home to protect themselves and that those that want to carry outside should be able to do so without interference.  He talked about the people of Boston who were locked in their homes while the police chased the bombers, going house to house.  He just couldn't fathom (and neither could any of us) how someone would have to stay locked in their homes without protection against the bad guys.

They really are on our side.   I'm sure you've all seen it, but here is the link to a PoliceOne survey of 15,000 officers...


I think everyone can agree that for the average person, one or two drinks with dinner isn't going to impair their judgement.  Personally I don't usually drink and carry, but certainly, to each their own.  My only concern - should a lethal force situation arise - is to defend me and mine while fighting to come out the other side alive.  If it all goes bad, there is going to be storm of stuff going on afterwards and I don't need an over zealous anti-gun DA salivating at the opportunity to put me away because he discovered I had two 7 & 7's with my three hour dinner.  I don't need a jury with a closet MDA lady itching to make an example out of me.

My goal is to protect me and mine and that doesn't mean just during the fight.  I am no good to my family while in prison on a trumped up charge.  I wouldn't be doing my wife any favors by having a civil suit go against me because I was drinking that night.  I won't make her destitute over a couple of drinks with dinner.

Again, I'm not preaching, I'm just giving my thoughts on the subject and why I do what I do.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly,



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