Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Rational Approach, Snakes, The Golf Swing & Open Carry Agitators


I keep my head down and go about my business.  If the topic of guns or concealed carry comes up, I calmly and rationally put in my two cents.  If I am questioned or challenged, I calmly and rationally answer and rebut.  10 times out of 10 the other person - not me - comes off as irrational and emotional while I come off as lucid, calm, rational and knowledgeable.  I am the antithesis of the stereotypical, frothing at the mouth, shouting down, camo wearing, tobacco chewing, from my cold dead hands gun owner that is portrayed by many in the media.

Maybe I don't change anyone's mind - maybe I do.  But I assure you they walk away with a different view of gun owners in general.  They may still be anti gun.  They may still think owning a gun is stupid.  But maybe, just maybe they are a little more tolerant of our view point just because of this chance contact with a sane, normal man - married with children and grandchildren, bills to pay, baseball games to attend, lakes to fish, Anniversaries to celebrate, funerals to attend, sick friends to help - who just happens to own a gun for defense.

In this fight, how we conduct ourselves is our greatest asset.  We just need to be aware of that.


Trust me, when I play golf, it doesn't matter whether I carry or not, or what I carry when I do -  my swing looks like a man trying to kill a cobra in a phone booth.   And for 'summer wear' I have a Taurus tcp 380 in a Desantis Pocket Tuk.  I wear IWB and don't even know its there.


Like many, I have Grandchildren.  Five to be exact (with a sixth on the way!)  It guts me to know that here in Illinois, when I take them to the Zoo, the Museum, the Playground, the Library or go to watch them play baseball, softball, basketball or sing or act in a play, I can't protect them - forced by legislation to leave my gun in my car.  It just guts me.


Recently I was asked - "How will you know the world changed and yesterday's laws no longer apply?"

My response -  "When my neighbor eats the face of my other neighbor and then turns his cold dead eyes on me."


Count me among those who would rather the Open Carry (OC) guys, when in a pro OC walk, not dress like hunters after a month long trek across the Alaskan wilderness.  Whenever there is a pro OC assembly, the Media arrives, cameras rolling, looking for an "interesting" shot to put on the air for the 10:00 PM news.

Do they film those who are dressed in polo shirts, khakis and shined shoes?  Do they film those who are clean shaven or have trimmed facial hair?  Do they film those with pistols in OWB holsters?

In a word, No.

Remember, when you walk out the door, you represent all of your brethren in the fight for our Second Amendment Rights.  You don't have to conform, you don't have to be Mr GQ, but please, for Gods sake, at least be normal!

Which of these people do you want to be associated with?


The question should never be, when can you shoot, but, when do I have to shoot.  The scenario doesn't make any difference at all.  In any scenario you should be looking for a way out.  Period.  I am looking for a way to get me and my people out - anyway, anyhow.  When all of those options have failed or been closed off, when I have no other outs, that's when the decision is made for me.

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly


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