Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cop Shoots Off His Own Finger - Lawsuit Claims Its Not His Fault

We've all been there.  You've just sat down with a triple-Decker sandwich and the Game of the Week when somewhere off in the farthest reaches of your house there is a crash, a lot a yelling, trampling footsteps, heated whispers and the sound of the back door slamming shut as the neighbor kid makes a hasty exit.  Finally your children walk nonchalantly into the room and with subdued and overly calm voices proceed to tell a rather involved and fantastic story about whatever terrible thing has happened, never admitting any responsibility or accepting any blame for this thing they have done.  As you sit there chewing your sandwich, watching their shuffling feet, downcast eyes and furtive glances, your first thought is "Hey!  Dinner AND a show!"  Second thought?  Make sure everyone is safe and unhurt.  Third thought?  Teachable Moment.

I used to say to my kids, "The difference between an explanation and an excuse is that the former describes what happened, while the latter describes what happened and why it's not my fault!"  The italicized part of this statement was always said with a loud, wailing, plaintive voice.

My Wife and I worked hard to teach our children about Personal Responsibility, which goes hand in hand with Integrity, Honor and Character.  With rare instances, I think we've done a fairly good job.

Now comes this story out of Kentucky of former Glasgow Police Officer Darrell Smith who went to Barren Outdoors gun shop to check out a Sig Sauer Copperhead .380-caliber handgun.  As seen in this video, the clerk selects the gun and hands it over to the Officer.  The Officer then cocks the hammer and after a few moments racks the slide and then... Bang!  The Officer is now missing a digit.

He's lucky this was all that happened.

This video should be used in every gun safety class as a step by step textbook look at what not to do when handling a firearm.  Every safety rule is broken with stunning stupidity and glaring nonchalance.

To start with -
  1. The Clerk picks up the gun and does not check and or clear the weapon.
  2. The Officer takes the gun and does not check and or clear the weapon.
  3. The Officer, after just a couple of seconds puts his finger in the trigger well.
  4. The Officer points the gun in an unsafe direction.
  5. The Officer muzzles (sweeps) four people at the end of the counter.
  6. The Officer cocks the gun without clearing.
  7. The Officer then racks the slide without clearing.
  8. The Officer places his hand over the end of the gun.
  9. The Officer then pulls the trigger.
The complete and utter incompetence is beyond comprehension.   The fact he was an Officer of the Law, who anti's believe are the only ones deemed capable of carry guns, is a punch to the gut of anyone who has ever had to defend himself and the Second Amendment in a debate with frothing, emotional, fear filled, clueless Liberals.

And now we read that this irresponsible Officer has filed a lawsuit that - in a nutshell -
describes what happened and why it's not my fault!

Officer Darrell Smith broke every rule. Every One.  And then blamed it on anyone in sight - and in the case of the "unknown Defendant" - some who weren't in sight.

As we are all taught from the first time we decide to own a gun -
  • Always treat every gun as if it is loaded. Always.  FAIL
  • Never put your finger on the trigger until your target is acquired and you have made the decision to shoot.  FAIL
  • Never muzzle (sweep) anyone.  FAIL
  • Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.  FAIL
  • Personally check and clear every weapon you handle, even if the gun was cleared in your presence before it was handed to you.  FAIL 
This Officer is very lucky his complete ineptitude with the gun didn't compound the Clerk's negligence with a wounded or dead bystander.  

The lawsuit alleges that "an employee handed the gun to Smith without performing safety checks."  

But why didn't the Officer do his own safety check?

The lawsuit further claims Smith was “exercising reasonable care and due diligence for his own physical well-being” during the time described in the document.

What?!  How was this Officer exercising "reasonable care and due diligence?"  What Attorney could write this with a straight face?

It also alleges that "As a result of the defendants alleged negligence, the Plaintiff has suffered irreparable harm and damages, including past, present and future physical and mental pain and anguish; past, present and future medical expenses; and lost income and future loss of earning capacity."  

Yeah, right... As a result of the Defendants alleged negligence - which, again, sounds a lot like "and why it's not my fault!"

There is also "an unknown Defendant,” because “an unknown person may have also negligently caused a loaded weapon to be placed into the display case at Barren Outdoors.”

So, literally, everyone and his Brother is at fault, but not a whiff of negligent, incompetent behavior from Officer Darrell Smith.

The Clerk lost his job, which is only right.  Who ever left the mag in the gun should also be terminated.  But neither one of them pulled the trigger.  Neither one of them racked the slide that chambered the round - without locking the slide back to check the weapon. Neither one forced him to put his hand in front of the muzzle.  Neither one of them put his his finger on the trigger and certainly neither one of them told him to pull the trigger.  That level of moronic behavior was reached only by the Officer and nothing, absolutely nothing absolves the Officer from his own irresponsible, neglectful and derelict actions.

If the Judge is a responsible gun owner, Officer Darrell Smith is going to be out of luck.

I hope.

Stay Safe and Carry Responibly

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