Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fighting For The Second Amendment - One Calm, Rational Voice At A Time

This past week brought news of a new and very secretive association - “American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention” or ASLGVP.  This is a group of allegedly 200+ Legislators who have joined together to work for gun control at the State level, bypassing Federal avenues in the hopes of starting a more grass roots line of attack.

The problem?  These Legislators - who work for you - aren't telling you who they are.  For now, or until someone discovers who they are through the Freedom Of Information Act, these Legislators who you voted for, may be working against their constituents wishes and undermining your Second Amendment Rights, sticking a knife in your back while wearing a Cheshire cat grin.

But I had to wonder if all of this anti gun rights, gun control, bleeding heart, Obama stained garbage hasn't helped us in the long run.

A recent Pew Research Center Poll which shows growing public support for gun rights - now at 52%, up 7% from January 2013 - certainly sheds light on the fact that Americans have said... "Enough!"

But really, why is this percentage going up?  Why are we winning? What is the real reason?

I would like to suggest that it's Education.  Simple. Plain. Education.

Liberals brought this fight to our doorstep relying on raw emotion, badly twisted facts, shyster numbers and blatant lies.  Using the compliant main stream media, they expected Americans to bow their heads and nod solemnly as those in power attempted to take away the one Amendment that protects all others.  Liberals, lead by the King Obama, thought it was their time, their destiny, their legacy... and they couldn't have been more wrong.

The fact is they opened Pandora's box!  They released the Kraken!  Their conceited belief in their own omnipotence opened up debate where they expected fealty, it acted as a lighting rod on both sides, it called into question motives and means, but what it really did was bring light to a debate many didn't know we were having. The bright spotlight on this new found controversy allowed average Americans everywhere to have a meaningful conversation with one another, real and honest discussions, and this is where we win.  This is our grassroots line of attack.  This is where we excel.  This is where we have the advantage. This is where we provide the rebuttal to the hand wringing lies.

In the last couple of years I have had more thoughtful, calm, rational and convincing talks with people - who range from Anti, to scared, to confused, to concerned, to interested - than I can count.  From friends and family to co-workers and casual acquaintances, I try to pass on the word on in a matter-of-fact, how ya' doin', "Say hey to Gomer" kind of way.

People sitting at picnic tables, by the pool, at kids baseball games, at Churches and family get togethers... wherever regular people meet up - they are having this discussion.  And we are winning!

I don't engage the Anti's who are frothing at the mouth, I let them spit and blather while I stay calm and relaxed and nod as if talking to a two year old having a tantrum.  When they leave, I am the one who looks like the trustworthy source of information, I am the one who seems knowledgeable, I am the one who seems rational and I certainly don't look anything like the stereotypical crazy ass, cold dead hands, selfish uncaring gun nut that they've been hearing about.

But here is the key... We don't need to turn anti's into gun people, but what we do need to do, is to turn them into people who aren't afraid of those who carry.  That's where we as a group can make the most of who we are.  That's where keeping your cool, knowing your facts, calmly rebutting the Liberal lies and being able to discuss them in a forthright, honest and casual manner makes the deepest inroads.

No matter where the dialogue takes place, no matter what they think, no matter if I've changed their mind or not, when I leave a discussion, I want them to believe that I'm a level headed, normal, intelligent and caring individual who knows the rules and regulations, who is well trained, who has educated himself on the lifestyle, who shall do no harm unless it's visited upon me and mine.  I want them to walk away knowing I would never pull my sidearm unless there was no other way out, that the situation is dire and that I am about to die.  I want them to walk away believing that I am a trustworthy individual and that I am not to be feared.  I want them to know that I really am one of the Good Guys!

This is how you win this fight.  This is how we make a difference.

Stay Safe, Carry Responsibly and have a Merry Christmas!

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