Thursday, September 19, 2013

We Must Stop The Lies

In the aftermath of another heinous mass shooting - this time at the Washington D.C. Naval Yard - and a renewed attack on gun control from the usual suspects such as Dianne Feinstein, the time has come for a pro-active approach from those who support the Second Amendment - and this should include private citizens along with those on The Hill.  It is time to say... ENOUGH!

When the left stands up and indignantly (and rightfully) bemoans the deaths of innocents, we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with them, strong and united in the belief that we indeed, must stop this madness.  We agree that it's a National disgrace to allow the killings of so many without passing significant legislation that would help bring about an end to these shameful happenings. We too cry, we too pray, we too hurt and despair for those affected by the senselessness of it all - and not only are we just as ashamed for our country as those on the left, we should be appalled and indignant that anyone should believe differently.

But instead of again going on the defensive, instead of again falling back on the same statistics of the F.B.I and the Justice Department, instead of again beating our heads against the wall, I believe it's high time we go on the offensive - and the war cry against the blight of mass shootings is this...

Gun Free Zones Are Killing Zones! 


We should not allow the lie of Gun Free Zones to continue permeating the minds of those that believe the incessant nattering of left wing politicians.  Gun control advocates must be called out for standing on the bodies of innocents to progress their agenda - an agenda that includes the eventual banning of all guns.  We must attack the knee-jerk mindset that a safe society is a defenseless society.  Nowhere in history, at any time, in any country, in any society has this proven true - and it isn't true now.

There is only one answer and this must be pushed forward with the strength of our conviction.  The legal, law abiding citizens of this country should be allowed to bear arms anywhere.  Period.  Any American should be able to defend his own life, the lives of his loved ones and those of innocent by-standers from the perils of madmen and criminals alike - and the Second Amendment makes it so.

After the Sandy Hook shootings, an article by John Fund, a political journalist and conservative columnist for National Review Online, quotes economist John Lott as saying “With just one single exception - the attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in 2011 - every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns.”

This is not opinion.  This is not a spinning of the numbers.  This is not a statistical anomaly. This is the hard and clear truth.  

The Mentally Ill 

In the same article, Fund quotes a Mother Jones article that maintains that of 62 mass shootings Mother Jones studied, at least 38 of the shooters were either mentally unstable or had shown previous signs of mental instability.  Again, we cannot let this issue pass without a complete vetting of the problem and our ability, as a nation, to deal with it.  Those who attempt to dissuade us from this argument must be exposed for who they are - gun grabbing zealots who will use any tribulation to advance their propaganda of fear and capitulation.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) says "The U.S. Surgeon General reports that 10
percent of children and adolescents in the United States suffer from serious emotional and mental disorders that cause significant functional impairment in their day-to-day lives at home, in school and with peers."  And  "The World Health Organization has reported that four of the 10 leading causes of disability in the US and other developed countries are mental disorders. By 2020, Major Depressive illness will be the leading cause of disability in the world for women and children."

And yet this government does not have a comprehensive plan to identify and help those individuals who show signs of mental instability, even though NAMI states; "The best treatments for serious mental illnesses today are highly effective; between 70 and 90 percent of individuals have significant reduction of symptoms and improved quality of life with a combination of pharmacological and psychosocial treatments and supports."

If the left is going to scream "GUN!"  Just as Peter screamed "WOLF!Then they must be called on it. They must be challenged, hard.  They must be put on the defensive.  The must be forced to show facts that back up what they propose.  And in the end, they will show everyone involved, they have none.