Monday, September 23, 2013

The Question We Should Be Asking About Violence

We all agree the violence needs to stop. Left, Right, it doesn't matter, the violence needs to stop. How do we accomplish that? 

First, identify the problem. I don't think many sane people would disagree that the mental instability of so many of the shooters is problem one. Now, this is where we need to start - identify and help those that have these kinds of problems.

One of the reasons gun owners become angry each time a mass shooting takes place is due to the gun grabbers in office - There are never any facts, just raw emotion and tears. Gun owners, by our refusal to be stripped of our guns, are then made to look compassion-less in relation to gun control advocates. We are portrayed as a group bereft of kindness or empathy -which, of course, is wrong. Period. Enough of that.

Second. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens is off the table. That argument is over! We are not the problem! Why should people in Montana stand idly by while the Right confiscates their guns due to a madman in Washington D.C.?  Surely, common sense should win out.  And how can gun owners show respect for those who would propose such insanity?  It doesn't help the Liberals argument for banning guns when, at the same time, they are standing tall on top of the First Amendment to speak their mind to the crush of ubiquitous television cameras.  Don't the Liberals realize the First Amendment's only true protection is the Second Amendment?
So, lets start here... Take gun banning off the table. Leave it alone. It ain't going to happen. That dog will not hunt!

Now... what do you have left? What is the plan?  If guns aren't the problem (and they aren't) what is?  This is the context in which the question needs to be asked and answered. Starting with Mental Health (mass shootings) Unemployment, Education, Drugs (legalize them) Parenting and last but not least - Prosecuting criminals who use guns in the commission of a crime. (In 2012, Chicago was dead last prosecuting violators of federal gun laws - 90th out of 90 federal jurisdictions - but people want more gun laws?) These are some of the symptoms of gun violence. This is the way forward. This is the future. 

Move past the Second Amendment. It's a right that cannot be taken away - which is one of the reasons this is such a great country!  The Second Amendment protects us from tyranny abroad, from within, from mob rule (read it as majority rule) and more. Its not going away.

Time to attack the truths of gun violence and move on. 
Shoulder to shoulder.  Together.