Friday, November 11, 2016

An Open Letter To Mitch McConnell and the D.C.Establishment Politicians

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reacted to President Elect Donald Trump's proposal to impose term limits on Congress through a Constitutional amendment. McConnell said, "It will not be on the agenda in the Senate." McConnell, one of the old guard political elite, has rejected term limits in the past (imagine that). "I would say we have term limits now — they're called elections."

In one fell swoop, McConnell's rather arrogant statement gives a full screaming voice to the very reason Donald Trump was swept into office in a blowout victory - unforeseen by the polls, pundits, politicians, media and the frothing Clinton Liberals who stood stunned, shaken and crying at the spectacular results. Their 'Snowflake Nation' was left looking for a Safe Space to cower in defeat, as real Americans everywhere took back this Country with an impressive show of voting force not seen in 36 years.

McConnell doesn't get it.  He believes when Mr. Trump takes office, it will be business as usual.  He believes he will decide what the citizens of this Country need.  He believes he can ignore the will of the people and treat us as nothing more than an annoyance -  shaking us off like a horse shuddering away nettlesome flies on a hot summer day.  

I can only say this... McConnell and any like minded establishment politicians inside the Beltway had better get up to speed with the reality and force of the anger and frustration in this Country and realize we voted Mr. Trump into office to "Drain the Swamp!"

It would seem to me that McConnell is standing waste deep in the stinking mire that is the D.C. swamp - unaware the drain plug is about to be pulled from the slimy bottom of the quagmire - right where he is standing.  

So let me put him straight.

Dear Mr. McConnell,

We the people - the angry, frustrated, wounded and degraded Americans of this once great Country - have had enough!  We did not vote Mr. Trump into office so some despicable, arrogant, two-bit hustler like yourself, who is looking out only for himself and other like minded career Politicians, will now stand there and tell us you are going to do what you want - and not what the people of this Country voted for.

Do you think you are immune?  Do you believe that all the outrage that spilled forth like a giant tsunami during this election cycle is going to dissipate just because the election is over?  Do you think the rage and anger of the Trump voters was aimed only at Hillary Clinton and the Progressive faction of the Democrats?  Please tell me you aren't that stupid.

Then again, maybe you are.

Rest assured, Mr. Majority Leader, by flat-out refusing to bring Term Limits to the floor of the Senate, you are deaf to the death knell ringing for you and your smug, condescending, corrupt brethren. Stonewalling the people's choice in a pompous and disdainful attempt to maintain your stranglehold over a no longer unsuspecting populace, will most certainly end up in a loud, messy, humiliating and very public, political suicide.  

The very fact that you fail to grasp the severity of this situation is a sad, yet completely deserved testimony to the mindset of the privileged Establishment Politicians of this Country.

How dare you put your political interests ahead of the will of the American people!  

Let me reiterate... Don't misread this angry,  flag waving rebellion that brought an Anti-Establishment candidate to darken your doorstep. Don't think the vitriol and dissatisfaction is aimed only at those on the Left.  Don't for one second believe we are done cleaning house of morally bankrupt politicos who have spent untold years working in the hallowed halls of Congress for their own benefit, scurrying like rats in the dark, spreading the disease of corruption while leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

If you intend to go down this road, to stymie the voice of the people who fought to put Mr. Trump into office, to be so completely and utterly clueless as to ignore the train bearing down on you, then you have made a fatal mistake, a horrific error in judgement of epic proportions.

And in the end, when all is said and done, your only legacy will be that of a corrupt old man who was too stupid, too arrogant and too cowardly to stand with his constituents against the Tyranny of the D.C. elite.  

Its sad that a man like yourself would make such a fatal mistake so late in life.

Hipshot Percussion

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