Sunday, March 20, 2016

Trump is a Lightning Rod for America's Anger & Frustration


I will continue to support Cruz right up until it's time to support Trump - and then I will back him to the hilt.


I believe if elected, Trump will surround himself with the very best and brightest this Country has to offer, to find answers to his promises - steering clear of the Usual Suspects in DC, unless they can be used to his benefit. This is his strength - find the best people available and get the job done.

I don't think he will compromise on those things that help him get elected - his commitment to the Second Amendment and fixing Immigration - but will he make compromises elsewhere? Yes, I believe he will.  Should he?  I believe this Country needs a little compromise, a little give and take to heal the wounds brought on by the divisiveness of the last 8 years, for I don't know if our Country is strong enough to survive a continuation of the kind of fractious hate and fear mongering pushed by the current President throughout his term.

The other day one of the talking heads on one of the media outlets had an insight into the Trump phenomenon that I thought hit the nail square on the head. He believes one of the reasons people gravitate to Trump - beyond what he says and does - is the sense that Trump will not only do what he says, but in the process, will punish those on the Left.


And I think that talking head is right. People are so angry with the Left, with political correctness, with socialistic views, with being shouted down by accusations of racism, xenophobia and hate - just because the Left disagrees and fears the opposing view. Trump supporters are angry and they want those protesters to be forced into tolerance. Forced to allow others besides themselves to talk, think and dream.  They want them punished for their Tyrannical, anti-First Amendment ways.

They want their pound of flesh.


Just my opinion.

Rant Off