Friday, February 12, 2016

Protecting Our Children with School Carry - Ending Gun Free Zones

It seems as though the people of this Country may finally be coming to the realization that forcing our schools to continue the Gun Free Zone charade, is not the way to keep our children safe. 

Legislators in Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee have filed Bills to allow school carry either by those legally allowed to carry or by Teachers.

There are 19 States that already allow school carry in some form;
  • ·       Alabama (which bans possessing a weapon on school grounds only if the carrier has "intent to do bodily harm")
  • ·       California (with approval of the superintendent)
  • ·       Connecticut (with approval of "school officials")
  • ·       Hawaii (no specific law)
  • ·       Idaho (with school trustees' approval)
  • ·       Iowa (with "authorization")
  • ·       Kentucky (with school board approval)
  • ·       Massachusetts (with approval of the school board or principal)
  • ·       Michigan (concealed carry now allowed while open carry has been allowed)
  • ·       Mississippi (with school board approval)
  • ·       Montana (with school trustees' permission)
  • ·       New Hampshire (ban applies only to pupils, not adults)
  • ·       New Jersey (with approval from the school's "governing officer")
  • ·       New York (with the school's approval)
  • ·       Oregon (with school board approval)
  • ·       Rhode Island (with a concealed weapons permit)
  • ·       Texas (with school's permission)
  • ·       Utah (with approval of the "responsible school administrator")
  • ·       Wyoming (open carry only)

It's high-time.

Ask someone who is against guns to post their front yard with a sign that says - "This home is a gun free zone - no guns allowed!" - and see how many takers you have.   

Why wouldn't they - or anyone for that matter - want the sign?  Well, it would seem those hypocritical, self-righteous anti's don't want to advertise their home is unprotected! How can that be?  If it's good enough to protect the children in schools, shouldn't it be good enough to protect you at home?

Recently I watched a video of two anti-gun women having a conversation about gun control, how concealed carry is stupid while telling their viewers the whole "good guys with a gun" argument is a fallacy.  One of them said "good guys with guns don't stop mass shootings!"

All I could think of was this - All mass shootings are stopped by a good guy with a gun.   Every rampage / active shooter situation ends when the good guys with guns arrive.  Every. Single. One.  The good guys either shoot the maniac or the maniac shoots himself or the maniac gives up.   If a good guy with a gun
doesn't show up?  The maniac continues to kill at his leisure.

Truly, it isn't that hard to understand, is it?

I always come back to the children who have died needlessly, virtually killed by those who refuse to do everything in their power to keep them safe, murdered by those who ignore the facts of gun free zones due to their twisted, hoplophobic fear of an inanimate object, executed by those who feel morally superior when children are slaughtered by a maniac with a gun, rather than protected by a good guy with a gun.

For me it is beyond the scope of comprehension.

I remember thinking, when the news reports filtered down from Sandy Hook...
What would have happened that fateful day if Principle Dawn Hochsprung had run down that terror filled hallway towards a crazed gunman with something more than a fearless soul and a heart as big as all outdoors?

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly