Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Locked & Cocked - The Cowardice of Socialists - Inside School Shootings

For those who are uncomfortable carrying one in the chamber, I would ask how long you've owned guns?  I ask because I didn't own a gun until Dec of 2012, learning all the early safety rules from my Son.  I then took classes and read everything I could get my hands on, but it was a long journey from new gun owner to where I am now.

I am no expert by any definition you can think of, but I am comfortable carrying cocked and locked. This wasn't the case early on when I carried in my house - before receiving my CCL.  It was a bit unnerving to visualize one round sitting in the pipe awaiting the hammer, but I practiced and learned and as I had more questions, I searched for the answers and slowly came to the realization that one in the chamber was not only safe, but was the smart thing to do if I intended to carry.

I'm still learning every day.  I belong to several gun forums and I listen and learn from those who have been doing this a long time - far longer than I.  On the other hand, listening to someone who believes if you aren't comfortable carrying one in the pipe, then you shouldn't be carrying at all, I think they should remember not all gun owners grew up with guns and don't have a life long rapport with a loaded weapon.  Not all of us are "into" guns - I think of them as nothing more than a tool for self defense or as a work of art - and many of us only have our carry gun... or maybe plus 1.

I think it's far more important to keep telling people to train.  To learn. To work at it.  Eventually you will become comfortable with one in the pipe.  It may take time, but you will get there.


If it's funded by taxpayer money, then it's a public place and we should be able to carry.  I understand courthouses, but the rest?  Not so much.


I don't own laser sights, but hopefully I will be buying another gun this year and I was contemplating if its worthwhile to buy laser sights for an EDC.

When I train with my Son's SIRT pistol, or at the range, I am basically just pushing the gun to the target and firing.  I don't really take the time to aim thru the gun sights.  I figure that most gun fights start quickly, are at very close range and are chaotic and adrenaline filled, and when you throw in shooting on the move, I just find it hard to believe anyone has either the time or the conscious inclination to watch where the laser is - instead falling back on point and shoot training.

The other thought I had... I don't know if I want a laser that turns on as soon as my hand hits the grip, especially if its for home use.  I might want to remain unseen and this might work against me in that situation.  On the other hand, I can see where that little green/red dot dancing lightly in the middle of a criminals shirt may be a deterrent to a very bad situation escalating to a shooting situation.


"Attempted illegal gun purchases occur 30,000 to 40,000 times each year among U.S. firearms retailers, according to a survey by the Violence Prevention Research Program at the University of California-Davis."

I wonder if they question why there aren't very many prosecutions?  I mean, really, if you have proof this is happening at this rate, why aren't there more prosecutions?  Like most gun studies done by anti gun programs masquerading as legit fact finding studies, it kinda' makes you question if the numbers are true.


I'm just tired of the word "free" being tossed around like candy to kids.  I'm sick of being told the "Government" will pay for things, when in fact its the Citizens who pay.  I'm tired of being told that I am somehow responsible for the cost of others Healthcare, Child Care, College Tuition, Living Expenses, Housing Expenses and such.

If you are a Democrat / Liberal / Progressive and you believe our Constitution is wrong, our Bill of Rights is wrong, and you believe Socialism is better than what we have, then have the stones to say so.  Don't hide behind emotion filled speeches and fear monger warnings.

If Socialism is such a great thing, something you are proud of, something you believe is the way to a bright new day, why do you lie to meet your end results?  Why don't you trust the supposed truth of your ideology?  Don't be a coward in your convictions.  Step right up to the plate and be somebody.  Say it out loud.  Own it.

But you don't, and your gutless aversion to being truthful to yourself is sad.

Hillary is your 'next big thing' for our Country.  She is an Alinsky disciple through and through.    She wholeheartedly believes in the adage - "The ends justifies the means."  She lies at the drop of a hat and knows those who side with her, who have no honor in their convictions, will smile, nod and wink.

I fear for this country.

Life vs Property as a reason to shoot.  This example was used in my CCL class by Mike Bius of Illinois Gun Pros...

Your Child falls into a shark tank filled with hungry sharks, would you jump in to save him? Of course you would.  Now consider that you dropped your very expensive $6000 Rolex watch into the same shark infested tank. Would you jump in to retrieve your watch?


I subscribe to Concealed Carry Magazine, like many do, and they had a terrific, three part series titled "Inside School Shootings - What We Have Learned" that dealt with school shooters and what we now know - including statistics that showed high capacity mags and semi auto rifles - so called assault weapons - have no bearing on the death toll of school shooters.  Their stats showed these madmen fired at a very slow rate and not what Anti's would have the public believe, and in many instances the rate of fire was that of a bolt action rifle and never above the rate of any handgun.  The article concerned itself with a clear, unbiased and concise look at the statistics and with the information gleaned from active shooter situations, dealt with the best ways to defend our children without the benefit of an armed response.

The evidence just keeps piling up in our favor, but it's like talking to a brick wall.  Sometimes I think it's more important to show the public the amount of tax payer money being thrown away on legal bills that are born from chasing moonbeams.

How can you argue for a magazine limit without any proof that any certain number of rounds is "the" number?  If you don't have proof, or a study making the case for "X" amount of rounds, then the alternative is that it is an arbitrary number.  As in "yeah, 10 rounds, that's the ticket!"  How the heck does that work?  How do you defend the magazine limit?  It just seems so stupid and cut and dried.

Or am I missing something?


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