Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mag Extension Follies and the Carry Gun Potpourri,

Six inches of snow in Chicago yesterday... so I'm just sitting around ruminating on the problems of the day...

Ordered a few Garrison mag extensions for my Taurus TCP mags.  Bought them thru Amazon and they arrived toot-suit.  Having never changed any mag pads before, I took a swag (scientific wild ass guess) and with the keen and practiced eye of a former shade-tree mechanic, I pressed down on the little button inside the bottom of the mag pad with the tip of a pen and pulled the pad to the side, unlocking it from the bottom of the mag.

Taurus 738 TCP .380
Now, having studied the problem for some time before attempting the switch-out, my superior intellect deduced the pad was attached to a metal plate that was an integral and fixed part of the
magazine.  Unfortunately for me, I was wrong.  For those who, like me, apparently aren't quite as bright as a fifth grader, the pad holds in the bottom of the mag and the spring, and it does the job just fine unless you take the mag pad off without controlling the spring.  If you don't control the spring, it expands faster than a fat mans belly at a Thanksgiving feast (especially when the mag is loaded, you know, like mine was), sending the spring and assembly shooting out at the speed of sound - okay, it didn't break the sound barrier, but it did make a loud 'smack' sound when it careened off my forehead.

And just like that, the spring, the follower and the insert that the floor plate attaches to (yes, those are the correct terms - I looked them up, unfortunately, after the fact) were sent in many different directions across the living room.  My Son found the follower immediately - under the dining room table.  The floor plate was in the flower bowl on the coffee table and it was two days later that I found the spring nestled on top of the Grandkids Lego box that is up against the entertainment center.

So all in all, a one-minute change took a total of two days.  I hope it helps all you other like minded knuckleheads.  


My first gun was a Walther P22 that I received as a Christmas present from my kids - yes, I'm quite aware that I'm a lucky guy.  I soon bought my ATI 1911 GI FX 45 as my carry gun and as a new gun owner, figured I was all set.  

Kahr CW45

 The funny thing is, I had no idea I had contracted the disease.

I love my 1911, but you know what?  That thing is heavy!  The gun loaded weighs in at nearly 2.75 lbs!  Add in a Crossbreed Supertuck, two mags on the off hand side and now I'm carrying around nearly four pounds of hardware on my belt.  I swear, when they send you a 1911, they should come with two extra mags and a set of suspenders.

So, last summer I ordered up my Taurus TCP - pictured above - 10.2 oz empty, roughly 14 oz loaded with JPH .380. - sitting in a DeSantis PocketTuk, and I've never looked back.  Two mags on the off hand side and I'm good to go with just a 1.5 pounds or so of gear.  Light, comfortable, easily concealable.

Colt Defender
Then, lately I've been wanting a little more firepower than the .380 can provide.  I love shooting a .45 ACP - it feels like the round is reaching out of the barrel, grabbing on and pulling its way out - and I feel a little more secure in its stopping power.  So I started looking around at lightweight 45's. 

So what was the lightest 45 I found?  I ended up buying a Kahr CW45.  21 oz. empty - 6+1 with two extra seven round mags from Buds Guns for roughly $405... it should be here shortly and then I will be happy with my arsenal.  I swear I won't need another gun.  No.. really... I mean it.  Sincerely...

Except for that Colt Defender...