Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Thoughts from the Shadow Factory, Fat Man's Holster, The Priest and the Gun

Cold out today so I'm sitting around, letting my mind wander - the Shadow Factory is open for business - so let the random thoughts flow like Cask 16 by the pool at sunset.


After a year of carrying here in the great State of Confusion (Illinois) the biggest problem most of us face is the need to disarm before entering a posted site.  As anyone in the lifestyle understands, accidental discharges happen most often while un-holstering and re-holstering your weapon - this fact was obviously lost on those writing the legislation and it would seem, flies in the face of the Shepherd ruling by the 7th Court - that we, as citizens are allowed to carry in public in defense of our lives.  The Court found that restrictions can be made on where we carry, but in my mind, those restrictions should never take place where public tax money is used to fund the site.  Parks?  Schools?  Rest Stops?  Are you kidding me?  I hate to tell everyone, but those places couldn't get more "public" and we should never have to disarm there.


I carry a Taurus TCP .380 IWB with a DeSantis pocket-tuk, which is a reversible holster that can be worn in pocket or IWB.  This is an exceptionally comfortable setup and makes carrying a joy... right up until I have to re-holster while sitting in my car. 

The black leather at the top of the holster holds the mouth of the holster open, but only the mouth.  The rest of the holster collapses against my body.  Now, being one of the "bigger kids on the block" makes this a chore that takes my full attention to accomplish.  Certainly, anytime you are handling your firearm, nothing else should be on your mind, but adding this inconvenience to the mix just compounds the possibility of an accidental or negligent discharge. 

For some, pulling the holster with the gun intact is an option, thereby allowing the much safer handling of a gun with the trigger covered.   For those of us who are not so skinny, this really isn't an option - as trying to force the holster between our bodies and our belt is like watching a man trying to kill a cobra in a phone booth.  It ain't pretty.

As a side note, this particular holster has a clip that surrounds the belt, making it nearly impossible to take off while sitting - or standing for that matter - as can be seen in the picture.


I would love to see a holster maker design an IWB holster that was essentially a kydex holster within a kydex holster.  You would place your gun into a kydex shell that surrounded the gun, then take the shell and slide it into a kydex holster, the shell then snapping into place.  You would still be able to draw your firearm as the shell would lock into the holster.

Now you need to disarm to go into a school?  You press a snap - maybe along the front of the holster on top of the slide - and you then draw your gun and the shell out of the holster and store in the car.  When you return to the car, you take your gun, still protected in its shell and slide it into your holster, hearing the positive "click" as it snaps securely into place. 

The kydex holster would stay wide open allowing the shell to slide in easily, and with the shell completely surrounding the gun, the trigger stays covered, allowing a safer transfer.

I know I would buy one.


Gun, Firearm, Piece, Gat, Pea Shooter, Chicago Bang Stick, Hardware, Blaster, Rod, Saturday Night Special, Sidearm, Heat, Heater, Burner, Chopper, Pocket Rocket, Roscoe, Chrome, Problem Solver, Ratchet, Steel, Hand Cannon, Banger,  Iron, Regulator, Widow Maker, Jammy, Hog Leg, My Girlfriend, Biscuit, Equalizer, Pocket Warmer, Ventilator, Bug, Mouse, Snake Charmer, Pistola, Thumper.

And my two favorites?

Smoke Wagon and Plan "B"... Definately Plan "B"



The Priest and the Gun

A priest was delivering a sermon entitled "Stand Still and let the good Lord Fight your battles", on the topic of not fighting but letting God vanquish evil himself. As he was delivering the sermon, a gust of wind lifted his garment and the congregation noticed he was carrying a gun.

After the service a congregant asked him, "I understood your sermon, but aren't you contradicting yourself by carrying a gun? You did say you are supposed to let the Lord fight your battles for you?"

"I do", said the priest "the gun is just to hold them off until the Lord gets here".


The Shadow Factory is now closed... Have a nice day!

Stay Safe and Carry Responsibly


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