Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Illinois State Police Dragging Their Feet on Concealed Carry Permits?

Why must politicians methodically screw with us, your average, law abiding Joe Citizen?

On January 8th, 2014 the Chicago Tribune reported the Illinois State Police had approved and cleared more than 13,000 concealed carry permits.  In the article it states - "The Illinois State Police said Tuesday that it had completed the initial approval of more than 13,000 concealed carry applications, moving residents a step closer to being able to carry loaded firearms in public."  And followed with - "Police officials said 1,749 applications were approved Tuesday, for a total of 13,064. Those applications must now be reviewed by local sheriff’s departments, state’s attorneys, local police and the attorney general’s office, all of which have the power to object to a permit being issued. They have 30 days to complete the process."

I was among those 13,064 with a application number just over 12,000.  I filed on January 5th, the first day allowed, and the application was sent just after midnight.

Now, here is my question.

If my CCL was approved by the state on January 8th and then sent to the local police (County and or Municipal) who must approve or object within 30 days - That means the Illinois State Police should have my approved or rejected CCL application back in their hands no later than February 8th, give or take a day or two.  So why are the Illinois State Police telling us the first permits won't sent be out until the second week of March, at the earliest?  Five to six weeks after they receive the clearance from the local constable's?

What exactly is the hold up?  And why is no one asking?

Illinois Concealed Carry Instructors were allowed to apply for their CCL on December 18th, with the thought the ISP would test their system with the 4500 or so instructors applications.  So in truth, by the time the general public were allowed to apply, those 4500+ applications had already been approved or rejected.  Why havn't any of them received their license yet?

It would seem the very first permit would have been sent out on January 5th and you would like to believe the local police would have taken the first application to arrive on the 5th (or within a day or two) and cleared that first application.  Which means the ISP, in reality, probably had an approved and cleared CCL application back to them by mid January and no one will receive a permit until the middle of March?  Funny how that date is exactly 90 days (the maximum allowed by State Statute) from the original December 18th application date for instructors.

Government wonders why we don't trust them.  Government can't understand our distrust of all things political.  Government doesn't understand that they themselves are a long term disease that can't be cured and they prove that to us on a daily basis.

To the Illinois State Police... shame on you for bending to the will of those politicians who would have you drag your feet on this issue that has been so hard fought by freedom loving citizens everywhere.

Send out the damn Concealed Carry Licenses.  It's the right thing to do.

Stay Safe, Carry Responsibly,