Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mentally Ill, Gangs, Drugs And Other True Reasons For Violent Crime In America

The Liberals and Gun Control zealots always start the argument with the belief that GUNS are the problem.  How about we do this... take guns out of the equation and start the thought process there.  Now what do you have?  Undiagnosed mentally unstable individuals.  Unemployment.  Drugs.  The decline of the family structure.  All of societies ills are the root of this countries violent tendencies.

"Criminal gangs commit as much as 80 percent of the crime in many communities, according to law enforcement officials throughout the nation. Typical gang-related crimes include alien smuggling, armed robbery, assault, auto theft, drug trafficking, extortion, fraud, home invasions, identity theft, murder, and weapons trafficking."

In February 2009, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released crime statistics that suggested as much as 80% of all crime - including violent crime - was committed by gangs!  By the way, just as an f.y.i. no where did they blame crime on guns.

So how did this tidbit of information slip through the cracks in the National debate on gun control?  Wouldn't a better question be "How do we cut down on gang activity?"  The Left needs to show that they truly care about the taking of life by trying to fix the problem, not masking the problem with the fear-mongering of guns. This is not the way to the truth.  Guns are not the reason for the violent ills in our society.

Yet the chant continues... "Take away the guns and we will be safe."

Just unbelievable.